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Rainbow Bridge *LINK*

  Rainbow Bridge

By: ©Elizabeth Peter


During the past weeks the new vibrations leading up to this year’s Solstice on December 21st are strong and palpable. It feels like the star-gates are wide open and filling up fast with our conscious energies. This is an auspicious time of great awakening. It triggers not only the light-showers or light-workers to press on forward, but also reaching into the hearts and consciousness of the great masses who, until recently may have been ignoring these shifts.
The planetary alignment, full moon Solar Eclipse and Winter Solstice are all occurring on December 21st.
This star-gate opening on the 21st of December brings a great awakening in many who are just now ready to wake up from their sleep. They will wonder why they are feeling like the great pain of past emotions, relationships or past lives are returning to their conscious memory.

The awakened ones will be busier than ever to assist the newly awakened groups, as this is what they have agreed to do before they entered this Reality on our planet. As the gap is still wide and painful for these way-showers, they will start to see the results of their hard work in 2011 as the gap between them and many newly awake groups are closing.

Humanity's consciousness in earlier times did not support the sort of accelerated shifting we are witnessing in these times. The collective consciousness is now ripe and ready to shift Humanity on to the next level. Day 7 is here: it manifests all previous cycles, including the latest, the Galactic cycle – which just completed its 6th Night. The results of the Galactic Age (Jan. 1999- Oct. 2011) will be understood as we journey through the final stage in 2011. 
I envision 2011 to be the year when Humanity at large will arrive at the consciousness level that allows for the gap between the 'dark rifts of fear and confusion' and the 'glowing light of knowing from the heart' to close. The powerful energy is present in the coming Winter Solstice to initiate this huge shift.

The forces of positive change have been at work for so long: for thousands of years, yet they  were mostly invisible to the masses. However, in our current times Humanity’s Consciousness ripens at an ever-accelerated speed, so we can observe a visible, colorful rainbow–bridge emerging. I envision this bridge to be so huge and magnificent that it arches over every heart: every living being is included.

The light-workers or awake-ones who had to live with the pain of separation, ridicule and mocking for so long, are now able to complete building the bridge over this gap. In earlier times they did not possess sufficient power to do so. However, with every new great Shift the activation of the light gets amplified and it will start traveling in wider and wider circles, as more and more deep pockets of darkness are filled with light. The changes are subtle, gradual but powerful. As more and more groups are ‘tuned’ into this consciousness, the dark will start to ‘melt’ and vanish from this reality.

This Winter Solstice is such an amplified, immense Shift – bridging our Consciousness gaps at high speed. In my view, the result of the Galactic Age will be the final awakening of the great masses of humanity near and far! 2011 will be a most intense and monumental chapter to close all chapters: it will be a year of celebration of our arrival at the star-gates of the higher dimensions!

Loving Blessings,
Elizabeth ~.~
"To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent,
universal beauty hidden from material eyes;
it is to activate the law of attraction
which, from the furthest reaches of the universe,
will bring into your life exactly
what you need to experience and enjoy."

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