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Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror (WikiLeaks Evidence) *PIC*

WikiLeaks Evidence: Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror  (LINK includes VIDEO Interview with KGB Defector)


The release of over 250,000 diplomatic cables has revealed a lot about the intricacies of U.S. diplomacy. However, one aspect of the WikiLeaks release that has been much under the media's radar is what the leaked cables have said about Russia and its surrogate-state sponsorship of what would most accurately be described as an international terrorist network. In a diplomatic cable dated August 6, 2008, regarding a meeting between U.S. and Russian experts on the export of Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) from Russia, the State Department expressed its concern about "Russian ammunition, sold to Venezuela ... found in possession of the FARC" Colombian terrorist group.

Four days later, in another cable, the State Department reiterated its concern regarding "recovered Russian-origin ammunition in Colombia, the ongoing Russian sale of advanced Igla-S MANPADS to Venezuela," which "have all reinforced growing concerns about the risk of increasing proliferation of arms to terrorist and criminal organizations in the region."
In one recent cable dated February 18, 2009, in what is described as an "action request for Posts in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Cairo, Kuwait City, Manama, and Riyadh," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relays instructions requesting them to "raise with appropriate government officials our [U.S.] concerns about Russian plans to transfer the S-300 long-range air-defense system to Iran."
Meanwhile, as if the news of Russia's armament of Iran is not alarming enough, another cable made reference to the resurgence of the once pro-Soviet Tudeh Party within the government of Iran. In the cable it is stated that an unnamed Iraninan "former non-Marxist revolutionary activist" has avowed that Iran's "Tudeh (communist) party is reorganizing support among factory and government workers, and intellectuals."

These "many former Tudeh sympathizers," the activist claimed, "hold positions in the bureaucracy and elsewhere."

The reemergence of the communist Tudeh Party and the increased Russian arms sales to state sponsors of terrorism — Iran, Venezuela, and possibly Eritrea — along with expressed solidarity of Italian communists with Russia, reads almost like a page from the Cold War.

This would all seem to vindicate the claims made by Sergei Tretyakov, one of the highest-ranking members of the Russian FSB (successor to Soviet KGB) to defect the United States, who stated that Russia currently views the United States as a "target."
LINK (Includes VIDEO):

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Russia Sponsoring Islamic Terror (WikiLeaks Evidence) *PIC*
(and sometimes Moonshade, you post stuff that is obvious Shat. My question is why? Makes me ponder you. ) *NM*
........... pondering with Love.......... of course......... *NM*
Because I BELIEVE it about RUSSIA. The Shat I post is what I personally BELIEVE to be TRUE... :O *PIC*
I think I am having a psychic vision!
Are ya sure it's not a Nightmare? :D *NM*
Boy was I right! :D *NM*
Then I say, "My hats off to you"..... (with a smile)
commenter Phil asks rightfully "Has the New American become another neoconservative outpost of warmongering nonsense?"
Sensational, exaggerating and misleading headline? Tabloid rag time, again? Did you get the new 'special chosen poster guidelines for 2011'? :D *PIC*
Very interesting comments from the two of you. In attack mode it seems. Didn't know mercury retrograde had that effect. ..... Pot calling
no no, oh no, attack-mode reserved for femimists aka XX-DNA-supremacists, me only attempt to shield mental health from strong incense of sheeple deceivers, aaah, bible believers and such, ya 'no ;) *NM*
pooper snooper after nose caught in the wrong place *NM* *PIC*
Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Re: Is that like the "Pot Calling the Pig Fat?" :D
Classic case of Chicanery? *NM*
Re: Classic case of Chicanery
No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context
Re: No I was not directing anything at you .... Taken out of context *NM* *PIC*
Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
I mean, sorry for the mistake, larmoyance aka lachrymosity and sqUaller with U ;).
Re: Kindergarten Playground? So YOU fight the elite with threatening words and impressive pictures but YOU are afraid of 'stancer dancer prancer' allegedly hacking your stacking? Are you serious? :D
Er...Ah.... What was it that I was going to say? Oh yeah ...."Can I take you along on a Court date??"
Thanks Striderus!! For having the Guts to say it just like it is! :O *PIC*
your playing with Fire !
:D *NM* *PIC*
What A Thread! - What a Vibrant community! Good good goood gooood vibrations ...? *NM*
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