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Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 13, 2010

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 13, 2010

Vatic Note:  We have put up two different videos from two different perspectives. Its important to watch them and see if you believe this is happening as we speak. Given the variables discussed, its very probable all they say is upon us, but then no one is the various aspects of authority are discussing it one way or the other that I can see. Like everything else we have to figure this out for ourselves outside the system. Nice, huh? Now they decide to be jerks and not aid the people in doing what needs to be done. Even Russia has built 5,000 shelters for their people. What about our gov? Nope, they want us depopulated, so its hard to know and that is why we need these videos so we can at least prepare in case. Nothing lost if we do prepare and nothing happens. WE DO LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES, THOUGH.  
(Click here below to read and see videos)  
Vatic Note Lets go ahead and add this onto what I just sent and check out where the info comes from. Veterans today has staff that are ex intel people who have contacts still inside.... but check it out. I am doing this for me so I can finally when its over, I will be able to say that I did all I could to get peoples minds to open up on this subject and get us back to the real historically serious crimes that are being committed as we sit here talking about this that no one is paying any attention to.

Its literally the stealing of our country, in land, water and wealth right out from under us while we listen to this soap opera that most of us know all about since its all on this blog, so if you read here, you know all that he released that we already knew, lets get going with the things HE DID NOT TELL US ABOUT THE LAND GRAB, THE MASSIVE WATER GRAB GOING ON, AND THE MASSIVE WEALTH GRAB IN THE TRILLIONS OF OUR MONEY BEING PAID TO ROTHSCHILDS INTERNATIONAL BANKS for their derivatives bets.  We are now not only bailing out our own, BUT AMERICANS ARE BAILING OUT THREE BRITISH BANKS,  2 FRENCH BANKS, A GERMAN BANK, ETC ETC ETC.  JAPAN ETC... Now this is doggone serious stuff.  This is with our tax money.   That is called communism on a global level or worse,  Fascism. 

Does everybody know about the war games going on where the military is with JP Morgan to learn how to crash the economy and then they are practicing how to control us militarily once they do.  THE FINAL COUP BY OUR FOREIGN OCCUPYING COUNTRY WILL BE OVER.  Interview With Gordon Duff: Wikileaks Debunked
(Click link below for Video interview and article) 

Vatic Note:   Here is an update that is clearly documentable as to what is happening and coming out as we speak.   Please watch and KEEP AN OPEN MIND, since our nation's survival depends on it.  This man has tons of credibility given his exposure FOR REAL,  not bogus vetted information, but real info, and he has written a book on related subjects, so keep an open mind, since its soooo important.   Remember these leaks are being used to justify attacking Iran since the three bogus false flags didn't work on No. Korea, but its working on this deceptive tactic that is not a false flag but someone we trusted to feed us what Israel needed us to believe in order to get war going that we would not only agree to finance FOR ISRAEL'S empire dreams, but also use our children and put those in Iraq at risk instead of Israel using her own children.  I think their depopulation agenda is to try and bring their percentage of the population figures up from their lousy 2% in order to justify all this control they have and exercise, over much larger populations through their deceptive practices like this.    Thanks, this is the best video on this subject so far and most have been indicting on their own.  Thank goodness for BrassChecks TV.  
Vatic Note:   

The desire to take down JP Morgan through the acquisition of silver originated with Max Keiser, but, it now has a life of its own. People have asked me what I think of the concept. My response is anything that persuades individuals to get out of Federal Reserve Notes and into silver or gold is a good thing. To bring down the Federal Reserve System we need to stop using their debt-laden dollars and establish our own private currency. Gold and silver have always worked in the past.

A more realistic approach is to keep all of our wealth and long-term savings in precious metals and deprive them of the opportunity to hyper-inflate it all away. That means long-term savings and investments. We can continue to use the dollar for our immediate needs, but we need to convert our long-term assets into precious metals or we will end up losing them. Period.

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