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Computers Can Now Recognize...SARCASM...!? :O *PIC*

Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm (Which Is Just Soooo Cool)   Undecided


The pursuit of machine intelligence means we have to come up with ways to communicate with our computers in a way both entities can understand. But while computers process verbal commands in a straightforward fashion, humans tend to use more sophisticated speech forms, employing slang or symbols to convey an idea. So an Israeli research team has developed a machine algorithm that can recognize sarcasm.




Will SARCASM become a CRIME?  I mean...

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Computers Can Now Recognize...SARCASM...!? :O *PIC*
HOUSE! seen a few eggasodes enuff to know he is my hero. *NM*
The Sarcasm Meter - the New Lie Detector. Yup it's already a crime. They are one step ahead of you. Sarcasm always got me in trouble, specially at border crossings! :D
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