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And can you imagine for a moment what goes on.........


Some of these sicko bankers are murdering people, at will, and raping the lands of any wealth and murdering any peoples in their way. Why not, it fits with their Agenda 21 of legally (by international agenda) lowering the population while increasing their power and profits to continue the madness of population reduction. Sadly, they use these laws, various establishments and direct orders to slow us down while they are killing us.

Unfortunately their madness doesn't stop there:

This disease is discontent, so it plays murderous wacko games with innocent lives behind closed doors!

Can you imagine what these power hungry wackos are doing to innocent, helpless, defenseless people (children too), behind closed doors, things that defy human description?  Things that would make you cry for an eternity.  

.... THOSE are the monsters in our society that must be removed. 

(Maybe even corrupt money will start to see the truth to that.)

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Force and Fraud. (Great Article) *LINK*
And can you imagine for a moment what goes on.........
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