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I often wonder: When does a person know they are evil?

.... maybe some people are so far gone they don't care,
or that somehow they are beyond morality by blood or by right,
or maybe some believe they are actually good.
Do some people actually, one day.... sit down and say.... I'm now gonna be EVIL BABY!
or I'm Evil nwo and I like it!


I almost have to take a guess that indeed........
A few in "The Money" know they are evil. Twisted really, but quite mad and insane.

Real growth requires identifying problems, especially problems influencing society with murderous intent, by taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of their Evil.

Then All can live in balance and harmony.

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EXPLOSIVE: Tax Exempt Foundations and Think Tanks: The Process of Invisible Power *LINK*
I often wonder: When does a person know they are evil?
They Don't period! No original thought, NO Soul and not a living brain cell ... *LINK*
Never had a fucking origional thought in their lives,Never had a brain cell in their lives, if the did they would be dangerous, " POWERFUL"
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