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one time use, no direct exposure to sunlight, low temperature storage :)

... and you can drink the best water from inside without danger being poisoned by the liquid or the polycarbonide provided the water is from a clean natural source.

However, some waters are artificially 'improved' with aggressive chlorine and fluoride chemicals, others are radiated with destructive nuclear rays for alleged preservation.
As far as I've seen it's the big companies (who wonders) that are doing this, for example Nestlé, the same EMs (Enemies of Mankind) that endorse the 'Codex Alimentarius'.

The dangers from teflon coated kitchen pans and cooking devices are much higher, IMO.

Tactics, maybe: Throw out a smaller warning to distract from the bigger dangers, for example the poison in vaccines. They tell us that the mercury inside the ampullaes is added to kill the fungii germs that might spoil the inoculant.
Think about it. They are not able to produce medically clean stuff but they demand us to knuckle down to their incompetence?

But what is the real danger of mercury poison within inoculants compared to the huge amounts of mercury an unborn baby is fed in the womb by a mother with several mercury-tin-palladium tooth fillings?

Why isn't the ongoing forced poisoning of people with mercury tooth fillings the real big issue?

Tactics: Throw out a smaller warning about mercury in vaccines to distract from the bigger danger, the yterrible poisoning with mercury tooth fillings!

Crooks and liars try to keep us running round in circles with no way out!

Candida Albicans for example is a kind of fungus that grows excessiveley in the body of persons who are poisoned with mercury tooth fillings. Why is it? It's a natural counter measure of the eternal wisdom within the human body: Candida Albicans neutralizes and devours the mercury poison.
But what does the idiotic main stream doctor do? Fight the natural self-help remedy, prevent the body from healing, instead of respectful understanding and helping the divine forces of the living body cells to keep the organism running.

Facit: One big pharma lie is followed by another lie to uphold the previous lie.

Chemists in the pockets of political crooks are the biggest danger to mankind.

Don't trust chemists by words only.
Without chemists there would be no big pharma, no oil industry, no explosive weapons, no artificial junk food, no luxury cosmetics, no 'orthodox' medicine, no genetic manipulations, no poisonous tooth fillings .... and on it goes!

Don't trust chemists!
Demand proof!

btw Hillary Clinton as to be seen from one of her recent laughable outbursts seems to have mercury fillings also ... this might explain something.

Should somebody 'speak up' to Hillary to avoid further damage in world politics?

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one time use, no direct exposure to sunlight, low temperature storage :)
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