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Secretly being controlled with 2 chips implanted? Like, what's up with that? *LINK*

Secretly forced brain implants Pt 1: Explosive court case

  • August 19th, 2010 1:54 pm ET
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Part I: This is Part I in a four-part series about the forced implantation of James Walbert, a Wichita Kansas resident and inventor.


With the second RFID part, the antenna, implanted subject can receive sounds, even verbal orders, and thus be subjected to control against his or her best interest, a method of mind control. With the antenna, the subject can also receive electronic pain and injury meeting torture criterion. The antenna has capacity to covertly assassinate the target by directing electric energy from hand-held devices or satellite to a vulnerable body or organ part. Thus, cause of death is attributed to the subject's vulnerability as recorded in medical records and then viewed by most people as death by "natural cause." (For information on NSA neural remote monitoring, see NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation,

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Then you read shit like this too (it all comes together)

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Secretly being controlled with 2 chips implanted? Like, what's up with that? *LINK*
Droid 2 is in fact an Advanced Android. The BEAST! It attacked the brain, tried to get into melon but too much hard earwax. Not? Else? :D
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