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The Bush bio-weapon attack is failing, laws of nature are prevailing

>From = JILL

The blog on Benjamin Fulford\'s site for today is very interesting to me.

\"The Bush bio-weapon attack is failing, laws of nature are prevailing

The bio-weapon released in Mexico and Switzerland and other places by the Bush/Clinton crime gang is not going to lead to a pandemic, a senior bio-weapon researcher says. The researcher, who was part of the team that developed HIV in the 1950’s to 60’s says the Bush/Clinton Nazis have been trying to carry out a mass genocide via disease for 50 years but had failed. HIV, for example was supposed to depopulate Africa but it failed to do so because the dormant period was 28 years.

The reason is the laws of evolution favor weaker versions of a disease so all the bio-weapons have been attenuating, that is getting weaker over time. For example, in the case of bird flu, sick birds cannot fly far so the viruses that let the birds fly the farthest spread further and faster. The same thing is already happening to the “swine flu” bio-weapon. There will be no pandemic despite the desperate efforts of the Bush/Clinton crime family to create panic.

The virus was released in retaliation for dozens of arrests of senior Bush cronies, according to an NSA source.\"

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