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Commentary on: The Pleiadians Speak - Awakening from Zany Mystic


I've been a huge fan of Barbara Marciniak.   However, upon pondering this latest post from her, something didn't feel right.   When I was on the phone with "Wild Colleen Thomas", I asked about B.M., and she said that the Anunaki were responsible for sending the messages through her; in other words, holographically there had been a "compromised channel".

I also noted how much was LEFT OUT.   The Pleiadians are, at least in part, responsible for this mess we're in, and are supposed to be empowering us and informing us as to what REALLY HAPPENED.   I get a bland, pre-digested Reader's Digest version from this channel.

To continue:

I had some "misgivings" about this piece, which made my gut/intuition feel
UNCOMFORTABLE. First, I've followed Marciniak for years now, and LOVED her
earliest channelings. They still feel accurate as information. However, the
last few years have been lousy. The above has some discrepancies that I

For instance, in the first paragraph we're referred to as their "relatives".
In the last one, their "dearly beloved friends". Those are new age catch
phrases that are so old, tired and cliched, that the idiots who plant them in a
channel's mind haven't realized that all that stuff is now "crap".

The other thing: They all want us to "CALL ON US FOR ASSISTANCE AND WE WILL
COME TO YOU". This is VERY DANGEROUS to do. We don't know WHO we are "calling
to", and for all we know, some butt-ass ugly gray alien with buggy eyes might
show up! Then what? They could say that our "free will" was NOT tampered
with, since WE called on THEM.

I SAY: DO NOT CALL ON ANYONE but your SELF. Use whatever methods of validation
or verification, but be careful. The dark tee shirts LIVE off of our worship
in churches, the worship of money, power, destruction, etc. This is all FOOD
FOR THEM. We are our OWN Sovereign Beings, and must begin to realize, wake up
to, and BE that which we already ARE.

Throw all your babies of insecurity OUT THE WINDOW!!! Every time a lower
thought enters, like, "I'm just a ....." no good for nothing loser, CORRECT IT.
YOU, and I and WE are All That IS. We need to stop demeaning our Selves, and
stop being trapped by the unreality which plays "out there" constantly on many
lower frequency channels, to further ensoul and enslave us. Break the

Don't buy into the BULLSHIT! If it doesn't feel right, dump it.   We must learn how to recognize "excrement" (poop) when we smell it!



Zany Mystic

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Commentary on: The Pleiadians Speak - Awakening from Zany Mystic
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