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Friends, its been approx. 20 months since I 1st started writing to many of you, and whilst some things in that time related to the NWO are indeed being inflicted upon us, as we were told would happen by the big criminal Poppy Bushfraud in 92 in his now infamous speech, and a student lies in hospital after being beaten on head by a policeman whose handy with a truncheon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2W0QsZwaC4  and gets only the briefest of mentions on the BBC 6 oclock news whilst Charles + co. get a full 8 minutes on their limo getting splattered with paint, one might be inclined to think things are never going to look up. But that couldnt be farther from the truth, actually. Because on the Hollie Greig front things are indeed definatly looking up. Not only has the Procurator Fiscal for Scotland left her post early, more than likely because her appalling antics have been discovered and exposed to the world via the Hollie Greig campaign, but also another councillor responsible for quite a bit of dark deeds regarding the HG case has also decided to disappear {the Shropshire councillor merntioned below}. And the progress doesnt stop there. Robert Green, Hollies legal rep., has a new blog, at  http://holliedemandsjustice-robertgreensblog.blogspot.com/ , and here are the full first 4 blogs from that, below. The membership is still growing steadily over the weeks in support of the HG campaign in the groups, and every day somebody somewhere hears about the HG case and campaign either by word of mouth, online via hundreds of sites, on the radio in its many forms, or on popular sites like David Ickes and even more recently on the sites of not only the much respected Henry Makow {www.henrymakow.com} , but also on the respected Field McConnell of hawks-cafe's site {http://www.abeldanger.net/}, and also on Chris Wittwers site {www.chris-uk.org}, who spent 3 years getting that together for the benefit of every parent in the UK and further. As newspapers fade away as the dodo did and the Internet reveals the news that often would never be revealed by them 2011 promises to be a year of hope and more truth coming out, and that includes aspects of the Hollie Greig case that are so serious that people will listen and want to know more, and want justice too. Keep an eye on Robert Greens blog and youll see what I mean......and Happy Solstice!! to one and all.....


Robert Green's explosive interview on P Drockton radio 8 Dec. MUST LISTEN!!


Robert Green's New Blog

Fri. Dec. 3rd

 I have decided to start a blog so that the many, many people who are supporting Hollie Greig in her quest for justice can be kept up-to-date with ongoing developments.

  Hollie and her mother Anne are still living in Shropshire and both were deeply touched by the number of cards sent by supporters on Hollie's recent birthday. Both are in good spirits , they are looking forward to Christmas and in order to clear up any possible misunderstandings they are not subject to any form of supervision from Shropshire Council or any other body. Nevertheless the council has sought to prevent Hollie and Anne attending meetings where their case is discussed. Hollie is now 31 years old, competent and exercises her right to vote, amongst other things and I regard these restrictions as a cruel and flagrant breach of her human rights.

  In respect of the criminal charge which has been brought against myself, I have not yet been advised of a trial date in spite of the fact that nearly ten months have elapsed since I was arrested for Breach of the Peace in Aberdeen as I was preparing to distribute leaflets about Hollie's case. Standard procedure is that a trial date is set immediately after a person is charged but no-one has been able to provide an explanation for this delay. I am still bound by bail conditions which require me to report to my local police station twice per week and prohibit me from entering the city of Aberdeen or the county of Aberdeenshire.

 I have a great deal more information on Hollie's case and the ongoing cover-up which I will share in future blogs. I would welcome your comments and will do my best to address any points which you may raise

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