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13(!) killed at least 13(!) injured at Oil Academy in Baku Azerbaijan

This is 30th April 2009.
You could expect something more to happen,
allegedly lone (as usual) gunman aged 29 killed himself at the end of his furious rampage.

As reported on
two hours ago.

Thirteen killed, thirteen injured in Baku shooting incident

13 13 what a coincidence for a 666 date!

young man known as Georgian

Another Manchurian Candidate?

Eyewitness claims there were two gunmen!!!
Sounds familiar?

One kilogram of poisonous mercury dumped in Moscow supermarket by another crook.

And then the 'Death Parade' in the Netherlands, besides swine flu release.

Molech seems to pull a lot of strings round about end of April start of May 2009.

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