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Seems far fetched to me - "auction to the highest bidder"?

Best way to not find out, is not go there.

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Those Nude Scan Photos? Some Interesting Thoughts on TSA Motivations
Seems far fetched to me - "auction to the highest bidder"?
Yeah, come to think of it -- who would bid on damaged merchandise if these scanners unravel human DNA? *NM*
oops that was worded incorrectly .... (I seem to be doing thaT a lot lately ) ..
Is Steve butt fulford on Roids? or is there a Genius afoot? *NM*
Not sure what you're saying...Steve Quayle posted an E-mail he received re: TSA Scans...He doesn't post Fulford 'cause he knows where that guy's comin' from... *NM*
Maybe TimELord was insinuating that the message in itself sounded like something Fulford would write. (But TimElord can speak for himself) *NM*
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