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SHOCKER: U.S. State Department ‘Cleared’ the Release of WikiLeaks Documents Published So Far *LINK* *PIC*

I'm not sure why this is such a SHOCKER, since they can always pin the tail on their favorite Scapegoat in the Middle East...maybe that's what Israel is really there for...?  Undecided

SHOCKER: US State Department ‘cleared’ the release of Wikileaks documents published so far...

Posted on Pakalert on December 4, 2010

A Skeptic’s View: Why WikiLeaks Embarrass Pakistan And Not Israel

Where Are Rest Of Wikileaks Cables? | Why They Are Being Censored? | Why No Scandal Yet Involving American Allies? | Wiki Leaks More Questions than Answers.

Wikileaks does not make the material it receives available directly to the public. They are first censored by New York Times and several other prominent newspapers. Only 623 documents out of alleged 250,000 have appeared in public. The public needs to ask: Where are the remaining documents? Why the censorship? And why the selective release, assailing Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia and others and largely leaving out US allies? If newspapers will release censored cables, Mr. Assange should take up a job at NYT.



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