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Iran's Suicide Fleet *PIC*

While most Iranians are good people who only want to live in Peace, IMO there ain't nothin' good about the Ahwannajihad Man... 

 Iran Built Suicide Fleet


A fleet of suicide ships is being built by naval commanders in Iran.

More than 9,000 speedboats have been made with deadly explosives engineered into their hulls.

The vessels - to patrol the Persian Gulf where UK forces operate - will be piloted by extremist "martyrs".

They can be rammed into the side of "enemy" ships and each carries enough explosives to rip a seven-metre hole in a boat's keel.

Around 30,000 kamikaze captains are being trained to steer the ships, a source claimed.

There are plans to build 15,000 of the six-metre vessels. Their C4 explosives go off when rammed into larger ships.

An Iranian defector asked to design the crafts revealed the secret plot after fleeing the country - led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.




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