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wiki stinks, me 'no's zio shit & links, baaah, what an awful stench of fake security wrench, sneaky leaky farty walmarty! - Wally Market founded by....? Owned by...? Headquarters in...? Yodel Dee Doo!

Boycott WalMart!
Kick them out of business!
Don't go there, don't buy their boastful alleged 'Great Value' crap!

Remember, Sarah Palin promoted Wal Mart in All-ass-ka, destroying small honest home businesses, giving contracts to big construction companies for some extra favour for her lakeside home improvements ... when she's most of the time in southern, warmer regions now, to show off her own special 'great family values'. The special bitch, rooted in Lithuania, North East Europe.

Tells it all about the 'wash my hand wash your hand' crime network.

The Walmartization of America!

Just have alook at

linked at people-of-walmarts

Late Night Mistakes

sigh & bye

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