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Kick in the pants starts a volunteer avalanche (and personal comment from Zany) *LINK* *PIC*

Portland website born in recession helps the unemployed spread good work globally
This isn't the first totally volunteer "movement" that has started lately.  Remember the girl who started growing cabbages for the food bank and now runs an international organization to feed the hungry?   This story above is yet another example of the shifting movement away from the broken Patriarchal paradigm.   As I see it, those with the least who have time on their hands, ironically devastating the elite, will be more likely to jump in and "lend a hand".  Many will begin NEW programs, based upon their skilsets and excitement.  Imagine a world in which all peoples are working together, building, creating and empowering one another.   True, some futurists hold a vision for a utopian society... but could that be part of the problem?
This, in turn, will literally pull the rug out of the unnatrual/immoral decaying monetary system, fractional reserve banking, and "profits for the bottom line".   Until we are all on the "same page", in a non-profit moneyless group as equals, there will continue to be vast discrepancies between those with no conscience and those with heart, who truly care.   This is the great divide that has been splitting apart for years, similar to a cell's division.   One cell will go one way, and the other will proceed in its direction.   The secret is to not bring along any "pesky viruses" from this reality, to reseed themselves surruptitiously, silently, in secret.  Apparently, that is a very old game indeed.  Time to retire the "virus game". 

That's another aspect of this dying civilization which will have to dissolve:  secrets.   Secret bases, hidden technologies, 2nd space programs with back-engineered "discs" that the elite enjoy for going to other planets, and have since the last world war.  Free energy has been mastered, as has anti-grav.  Many other technologies exist completely hidden from our view.   We, the sheeple, are tossed a new bone once in a while, like an iphone or a new slimmer tv, etc., but even that is breaking the backs of those who have to assemble them in other countries, overwhelmed by the greed of the entire world wanting "one of those widgets".  

The Chinese workers have been jumping out of the top floors in ipod factories from horrific labor and conditions due to global demand.  To stop that, enormous awnings were placed below, so that jumpers couldn't hit the ground.   Does that really solve the underlying problems?   Of course not.

If we start to realize that we are all interconnected as a human family that cares deeply for all lifeforms, seen and unseen, known and unknown, then we cannot, in good conscience, cause injury, harm, abuse and violence to our family.   And most of our family is likely to live off our dying globe.  A lot of secret familial family sexual abuse/incest issues will be coming to the surface from now forward, to be healed.  What has been hidden in secret will be revealed.   Barbara Hand Clow elucidates this shift in her recent AstroFlash:

With this fiery Moon in Sagittarius, the lid is coming off government intimidation in general. This issue is global because much of the world looks to the US to be a light of liberty. Ironically, the New York Times has already run an editorial that suggests that the leaks make Obama look good as a leader, but, generally, the leaks are transforming many world leaders into Disney-like cartoon characters, who enjoy playing games while the people suffer. The disturbances over the TSA and WikiLeaks will spread globally into anger over other issues, such as: being forced to pay taxes for adventuresome wars while jobs and homes disappear at home; frustration with banker profiteering; and dismay over the glaring deterioration of people in public office. The no-win quality of these issues is causing many to think of themselves as members of abused groups, which is the first stage of revolution. Threatening to take away our right to fly unless we first submit to sexual abuse is getting people to band together, since this outrageous abuse of power resonates with all the other sexual abuse acts so recently committed by people we trusted.

These core breakthroughs are hot right now with Chiron (clearing the core wound) conjunct Neptune (melting our boundaries). Most people feel terribly vulnerable right now. Think of it! Just when the conjunction has been the tightest over a the last few months, thousands if not millions of people who have not yet cleared their own hidden sexual abuse issues find themselves going nuts when the TSA goes after their genitals! The airports are now more dangerous than the rectories and confessionals!
The momentary thoughts for now include the idea that we will continue to see the battles rage between "light and dark" t-shirts; this is not sourced here...we are the "outpicturing" or metaphor which plays itself out as higher dimensions duke it out.   Those with limited spirituality, who know more and have more, imagine they have a lot to lose, and they are quite right.   It will be most difficult for them in the weeks, months and year ahead.  By the time we hit 12:2012, according to Carmen Boulter, ( we will BEGIN to turn into the circle of the "Golden Age" of enlightenment, and it may not be an instant cup of coffee!   We may have to be happy with growing new trees, caring and nurturing, and harvesting new fruit.   As to the disruptions, foretold by various prophecies and esoteric objects such as the Cross of Henday, the pyramids all over the globe over earth's ley lines, and many other hidden texts, no one really knows how dramatic the disruption may be.  We know that "some here" have incarnated solely for the purpose of assisting, and will return to their home destinations/dimensions/densities.
The sun is wound up like a golf ball, waiting to unravel.  This is a 26,000 year cycle; however, we also know that "enormous objects near the sun" are doing some kind of "work" on our star.   Is that to minimize the effects, or what?   Who knows?   Also, the moons are said to be hollow and Saturn's rings are "engineered".   That there is technology some say is in advance of ours by about 10 thousand years, held privately here by corporations and governments, is now common knowledge.   There must come a time when all that privately held research can be transformed to benefit all mankind.   There are "mini revolutions" going off all over the planet like firecrackers!   Max Keiser started a movement to "buy silver, crash J.P. Morgan".   The death knell of the uber elite and their controllers hastens to a conclusion for everyone's benefit.
Carmen also mentioned in our last show that the Patriarchy was allowed ONE PERIOD from 3113 b.c. to 2012 a.d. to "reign over the planet".   If this is true, and Carmen is one of the most informed people on the planet on many levels, then it may be possible that Carl Calleman and others have the timing pretty close to what's happening now.   I think we all know the various scholars of Mayan artifacts, and have our own opinions about all that.  However, within a few brief months, we will be entering into the "maximum descent into novelty", according both to Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory, Clif High's work with the web bots, and the Mayan calendrical system.   All the various "cycles", some in the billions of years, all turn over like a car odometer from 999,999.99 to 000.000.00  almost literally.  It won't be long before we find out - first hand.
If we add to the above our ever-changing location in our own galaxy, we are rapidly moving into NEW territory and will tip into the "other side" of the Galactic Plane during the 2012 window.  Could this be a move from living as "Flatlanders" to being able to view our limited present dimensions, 1D, 2D and 3D for what they are - a flat, limited experience of all that is?   From even the Fourth Dimension we would be able to peek outside this reality, which has experienced every permutation possible and is in entropy and decline/decay.   In other words, everything is literally dying.   Yet the Phoenix, upon burning up, rises from the ashes of its own death.  As Jay Weidner promotes in his new movie, Infinity, death is an illusion... at the very least we are not the limited skin bags we imagine ourselves to be, or are convinced we are, but are infinite and eternal beings that continue on in far more expansive realms of consciousness and dimension.  So, let the "powers that were" do their very best; and they do seem to be trying...  but an avalanche of love for all things, which are entangled and interconnected invisibly, approaches and  cannot be stopped.   It will transform even the quarks as it "spiritualizes" or etherealizes all matter.   And that DOES matter!
"Fasten your seat belts... it's going to be a BUMPY night!"  Bette Davis
For a Peaceful, non-violent and very silent:

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Kick in the pants starts a volunteer avalanche (and personal comment from Zany) *LINK* *PIC*
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