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The Rules Have Changed!
The Og Mandino Group

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The Rules Have Changed!

Do you know the new rules?


By. David Blanchard, CEO The Og Mandino Group


The rules have changed. Can you feel it? Can you see it in the faces of your friends and family members? Can you hear it in their growing pleas for help?


We didn't get to vote, the rules just changed and far too many were unprepared and are growing increasingly desperate by the day.


For the past two decades much of society has been engaged in the frenetic pursuit of riches. Like chickens with our heads cut off we have run around borrowing and spending while fantasizing about a time 'when' we will be free from stress, debt and pain. Many have spent endless and valuable hours vividly living in their minds what it will be like 'then.' Our illusions of wealth have been supported by easy credit, funded by increases in real estate values and fueled by a deep desire for ease.


We have been instructed to raise our hands to the universe and proclaim our worthiness with the promise that the universe is 'stupid' and will deliver whatever we ask. We have been persuaded, for a fee, to believe there is a fantasy fairy that will magically manifest our wishes in tangible reality if we but visualize our dreams with enough intention. What has been the result? Pundits have reaped millions while herding people into this rabbit hole. Followers have become increasingly broke, broken and angry.


Strangely the blame has not been placed on the efficacy of the message but instead it has been turned inward. Life did not turn out the way we imagined so we blame ourselves for this failure. Cries echo through our homes and communities, "What is wrong with me? Why does it work for everyone else but not me? I can almost touch it. I can almost taste it. Why can't I have it? Maybe God does not love me?" The idea of magical wealth tickled our ears, but in the end it broke our hearts, destroyed families and friendships and left far too many discouraged and swamped in despair.


Do you know the new rules? Is it time to step back from the firestorms of life and learn them?


In 1988-90, Ramona and I lost millions in the California real estate crash. Strapped with nearly a million dollars in debt and with less than a thousand dollars to our name, we reached deep to find the strength to start over. We loaded everything we owned in two Ryder trucks, packed our seven children in a van and drove away from our shattered dreams. Oddly, Ramona was singing camp songs with the kids. I was in one of the trucks crying.


In the darkest of dark nights I vividly remember lamenting, "I long to cry to the God of my youth, but the God of my youth will not hear my cry. I must change my God or change my cry." For us the rules had abruptly changed and we did not know the new rules.


We were able to move to a safe place and begin the ten-year process of learning the new rules while cleaning up the mess and rebuilding our lives and our estate. The lessons learned during those ten years were priceless. Don't want to ever go through it again - but retrospectively we are grateful for the experience.


Today there is no geographic safe place. The current economic challenges are both real and pandemic. So what do we do now? We will want to stand where we are and courageously fight a good fight. To do so, we will want to learn the new rules, rise above the firestorms and see opportunities more clearly even if they are limited. We will want to be okay in spite of the challenges and be an Intentional Creator, creating the most we can with what we have. What we cannot do is spend one more second in confusion and darkness, fantasy or imagined catastrophe. There is not one moment to waste.


Rule #1:  It is not about you.


It has always been about others. Og calls this the greatest secret of success in all ventures. However, for two decadent decades we have been instructed to make it all about us.


Following these instructions we have focused on satisfying 'our' desires, 'our' pleasures, 'our' needs. We have grown to believe that the delivery of riches is based solely on 'our' personal worthiness for wealth. Sadly, the dark journey down this rabbit hole did not result in peace of mind and promised enlightenment, especially when tested by the very real firestorms of life that are currently raging around us. In fact the results were often just the opposite. We were left empty and often made decisions that also left us very alone and lonely.


Our character has been forged in the furnace of adversity. We know what pain feels like. We can choose to wallow in self-pity and pain or we can choose to use these life experiences as a rich resource to better connect and serve others. When we learn how to do the latter, there is finally purpose in our suffering, joy in the journey and much healing in our souls.


We will want to discover how our life experiences have prepared us perfectly for this moment in time. We will want to master the Seven Principles of Intrinsic Validation and learn how to step into someone's world, take down walls of resistance, create safe places and unleash huge reserves of cooperation and productivity. We will want to experience the very real joy that comes from being the beneficiary of this huge reserve as it is released. We will want to experience the joy that comes from being a partner with a Power greater than ourselves in bringing joy to others. We will want to be there ready to walk through the doors that open as we joyfully serve.  


We will want to master Quality #1 of becoming an Intentional Creator - Connecting with People.



Rule #2: Use your mind constructively.


Creation occurs in two very different yet essential and complimentary stages. The first stage is mental creation. The second is physical creation. Both are required. One does not occur without the other IF we want our dreams to be realized in tangible reality.


Most who seek more in their life share two very powerful thought processes in common that will drive vivid mental creation. These thoughts can be a great gift or a deadly curse depending on how they are employed.


These two thought processes are much like a giant fire hose. Focus these powerful thoughts on destructive mental activities and they will blow apart our lives. The result will be repeated failure, misery and sleepless nights. Focus these thoughts on constructive mental activities and we will receive inspired ideas, impressions and solutions to problems. These vivid insights will literally light up parts of our brain that are normally dormant. This ignites passion, a willingness to suffer for something we love and see so clearly.


Sadly, 98% of those who have these two thought processes use them destructively. We will want to learn the five constructive ways of using these thought processes. We will also want to learn the techniques and practices for avoiding the three destructive uses. Gift or curse? Our choice.


It is time to master Quality #2: Goals and Expectations.



Rule #3: Live in the now in purpose driven creation.


It is here in the now that the second stage of creation occurs, physical creation. And yes, creation requires effort. However, we get to choose. One, we can work on in despair with every action being hard, boring, mundane and repetitious; or two, we can experience passion that will drive focus, discipline, effort and action.


Success is a choice. If we choose success, effort is not an option. It is a requirement. This is a tough rule for many. For them, work is a four-letter word. We agree. It is time to learn how to be in passion driven action!


Here's a bonus. When we learn how to fully use our natural gifts, we are endowed with even more ability. When we learn how to be in passion driven action, people will be put on our path that we can serve and who can serve us.


Physical creation can be arduous or joyful. It is our choice.


It is time to master Quality #3: Completing Tasks.


Rule #4: Surrender.


Over 98% of those seeking abundance naturally avoid order and structure. Many want to fire their boss, yet are unwilling to apply for the job. We often live in resistance, resentment and even rebellion to rules, policies, procedures, people in positions of authority, anything perceived as controlling.


There is a "strait and narrow" way. A "strait" is a circuitous route through dangerous waters that are often filled with unseen obstacles. We can insist on being right and stubbornly cling to our way of doing things, but when should we do so, we will waste a lot of valuable time repairing unnecessary damage to our life-boat.


Success has rules. The very word "rules" can raise the hair on the back of our neck. Imagine discovering that obedience to these rules is in fact an invitation to freedom, the very freedom we seek.


It is time to master Quality #4: Discipline and Structure.


Rule #5: Find joy in the journey.


How can we feel gratitude yet want more out of life? How do we maximize our abilities without concern for recognition or remuneration? How can we embrace sorrow knowing that joy is waiting around the corner and will be even sweeter because of the sorrow? How can we better manage our time and convert being busy to being productive? How do we survive hard times? How can we find meaning and purpose in all that we do? How can we embrace obstacles that seem to get in our way and slow down our progress?


Learn this rule and find joy in every moment of life. Discover how this will unleash huge reserves of energy that will speed up the creation process. Without this we are relegated to a life of overwhelm and frustration. We easily become victims, takers, energy sucks. Quite a contrast from joy that supports productivity!


It is time to master Quality #5: Finding joy in the journey.


Rule #6: Heal your self-esteem.


What impact do unmet expectations have on our self-esteem? What about painful situations that have damaged the fragile underpinnings of trust? How about inconsistencies between how we show up in public life and how we show up in our private or secret lives?


How would it feel to let go of overcompensating behaviors such as the need to impress or pretend? How would it feel to show up free of the need to let others know how much we are suffering or the sacrifices we are making or how hard life is? How would it feel to let go of shame and instead use these painful life experiences to serve others and heal their soul and ours? Feeling any fear? How crippling can fear be? Ready to let it go and be at peace in any setting?


What have our sabotaging thought processes wanted us to believe about ourselves? If I said half the things to you that your thoughts say to you about you, could we be friends?


Imagine learning the six ways to heal self-esteem and let go of all of the sabotaging noise. Imagine what it would be like to feel whole and complete, real, genuine and authentic, comfortable in our own skin and fully available to serve others?


It is time to master Quality #6: Healing Self-Esteem




We are the owners of a very rare gift. Unlike every other creature on this planet, we can step back from our unhealthy habits of thinking, reflect on our thoughts and choose to change. We can choose to be on our best behavior. We can see the needs of others and serve. We no longer seek to receive abundance. We no longer seek to win abundance. We discover that abundance is a sacred process in which we actively participate and eventually become.


Bottom line: We can choose to learn these rules, rise above our sabotaging thoughts, embrace our natural gifts and choose to be the good person we are in spite of the firestorms of life and in every circumstance.  


Smile. As it turned out for me and will for you, too, the new rules are really not new at all. They are timeless. The newness for each of us will be in the personal discovery, surrender and application. We haven't been looking here, or more honestly stated, wanting to look here. This is the cry that I needed to change. These are the rules I learned in the dark nights, nights that would try any soul. These are the real secrets for creating wealth.


We invite you to take an Intentional Creation Assessment. Measure your thought processes. Discover which thoughts are resisting and which thoughts will support you in mastering these Qualities and following these rules. This is your life. Choose to live it well.


Go to: www.MeasureMyThoughts.com


Kind Regards,

Justin Yates, VP of Sales & Marketing

Check out our New Video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/TtsgSDsDMJs


The Og Mandino Group
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