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Jeannie Queenie says: *LINK*

Jeannie Queenie says:

December 8th, 2010 at 11:21 am

Too bad that Ms Butch doesn’t tell the real truth, that is, that Walmart terrorizes their workers in China, not to mention that they take jobs from US workers….Just so Americans can buy cheap crap that keeps the five Walmart names in the top ten of the wealthiest people in the world. From the Washington Post, this revealing expose on how Walmart shoppers contribute to the Communist China collusion with Walmart in keeping serfs permanently enslaved.

“SHENZHEN, China — Inside the factory, amid clattering machinery and clouds of sawdust, men without earplugs or protective goggles feed wood into screaming electric saws, making cabinets for stereo speakers. Women hunch over worktables, many hands bandaged and few covered by gloves, pressing transistors into circuit boards.

Most of the 2,100 workers here are poor migrants from the countryside who have come to this industrial hub in southern China for jobs that pay about $120 a month. A sign on the wall reminds them of their expendability in a nation with hundreds of millions of surplus workers: “If you don’t work hard today, tomorrow you’ll have to try hard to look for a job.” Did CONFUSCIOUS say this? :)

But hey, Walmart corp doesn’t just put the screws to their Chinese manufacturers to cut costs, thus harming the serfs already being enslaved, they treat (especially) their US american female employees as second class citizens as we learn recently of massive class action discrimination suits.
Thus Walmart proves to be an equal opportunity abuser.

“Welcome to Walmart” is the standard fare for greeting shoppers as they enter the halls of shame…too bad that Napolitano adds to the shame by denying that other terrorist, that of Walmart itself in not caring if they harm americans along with chinese…and yet, they want more free help now in asking all shoppers to supplement Homeland Insecurity…ha! So now, we are asked to protect Walmart the company, who abuse Chinese workers, american workers and shoppers who might get sick from said chinese goods, how screwy is this?

Adding to their abuse—”
Recent recalls of food, toys and pet supplies from Wal-Mart’s shelves
have shined a bright light on the relationship between Wal-Mart and
China, and how it is threatening the safety of American consumers.
While Wal-Mart would have Americans believe that the unsafe Chinese
goods pulled from its shelves are the fault of unscrupulous suppliers,
nothing could be further from the truth. Wal-Mart’s unsafe products are
the direct result of the corporation’s insistence that manufacturers
supply low cost goods above all else.”

This tightly controlled culture emanating from Bentonsville, AK also controls all temps and lights of all their US stores from AK.
Bottom line is where it’s at folks…is this what the Free Market is all about…doing what you want to whomever you want all in the quest of the Almighty Dollar. Only today Walmart wants coins to read “in Walmart we Trust”…in fact, to trust them so much, that they can trust us to hop on board with Homeland Security to protect one of the largest companies that have no qualms with terrorizing from one end of the globe to other.

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Suspicious Activity at Wal-Mart!!! :O :D *VID* *PIC*
Oh Thank you for the laugh! A lot of slugs from under rocks show up there! :D *NM*
Jeannie Queenie says: *LINK*
That's the Slave Labor I was referring to -- INSIDE China -- working for Wal-Mart & there's So Much More to this story... *PIC*
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