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i can swear a few seconds ago :D *PIC*

I read a headline here on top that said

Viral Poppy Cock

though this headline had no No Message *NM* flag it showed nothing when I clicked to open,
it then said No Message again, so I went back one and two steps, surprise, surprise, everything gone

I thought I never believed in witchcraft but things seem to be changing since today the

30th April 2009

in simplistic numerology

3 + 4 + 2 + 9 = 18 = 6 6 6

sign of the beast, huuuh I'm scared

said to be a sinister holy day for the horned signers aka Il Cornutos

btw Lord Of TimE
do you have any further details on this?

Michelle Obama Flashes Satanic Hand Gesture On Vogue Cover

imo NOT intentionally of course just for the love of the passionate usage

just to remember

Vatican & the Illuminati - Angels & Demons


if you look at the Red Molech at 00:40
its stylish horned head may remind you of a strangely deformed Red Radio you've seen 'somewheRe' - got it?

Goad Of Mendes

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i can swear a few seconds ago :D *PIC*
clipspeaker calls Billy Boy 'A Lying Piece Of Garbage' :D *PIC*
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