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Mossad: Was This The Chief's Last Hit? *LINK*

Mossad: Was This the Chief's Last Hit?

A personal insight into Mossad and the murder of a top Iranian nuclear scientist...

Inside a secret bomb-proof building in a Tel Aviv suburb, which Google Earth does not include on its website, some of the occupants last week exchanged high-fives at their work stations. According to insiders, several sent each other the same message: The Chief’s Last Hit.

That “chief” was Meir Dagan, the outgoing head of Mossad. On his first day in office eight years ago, Mr Dagan had stood on a table in the organisation’s canteen and promised to support any operation against any of Israel’s enemies, with every means he had — legal or illegal.

He could allow his field agents to use prescribed nerve toxins, dumdum bullets and methods of killing that even the Russian or Chinese secret services would not use...



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WikiLeaks 'struck a deal with Israel' Over Diplomatic Cables Leaks *(the Backlash & Blowback from Germany & Syria should be very interesting...Let's hear it ALL!!) ;) *PIC*
Mossad: Was This The Chief's Last Hit? *LINK*
belch slap *LINK*
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