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Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash Sagittarius New Moon: December 5, 2010 *LINK* *PIC*

Sagittarius New Moon: December 5, 2010    View Chart
12:35 PM EST, Washington, DC

It is the New Moon in Sagittarius, our annual fiery awakening. Higher perspectives pierce the mundane world and we can see the truth. Emerging from the deep challenge of Scorpio, we seek meaning in the knowledge we've attained while considering the dark side of life. During Sagittarius, seeing the truth about the dark side can free us from getting caught in the humdrum world. This especially important this year because the previous Moon in Scorpio was just so intense: Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, was conjunct the lunar North Node, and the New Moon was in the middle degrees of Scorpio. And we also entered day Seven of the Galactic Underworld right after the New Moon. Now, this Sagittarius lunation has just the right elements for manifesting the valuable discoveries we've just made to attain the critical leap of Day Seven.

Going back to the reading for last month's New Moon, our challenge was to achieve emotional clarity so that we could fulfill our spring intentions by fall's completion. Global ceremonies for our entry into Day Seven were conducted to help us begin to function within groups now, not so much as individuals. Our personal emotional clarity seems to be suggesting it is time to really know how we feel about what's happening to everybody. For example, suddenly many people are strenuously objecting to how they are being examined by the TSA at US airports. This budding protest peaked during the Full Moon on November 21, making it a very noticeable example of our struggle to attain Oneness. Then, on November 27, the world was stunned by the second release of diplomatic files by WikiLeaks.

The Full Moon in 29 Taurus was right on the Pleiades, and Mercury, Mars, and the asteroid Athene (Pallas) were exactly conjunct and approaching the mid-heaven in Washington, DC. Athene is the goddess from the Pleiades who protects wisdom, and the Full Moon awakened her; her back is up in concert with Mercury (awareness) and Mars (personal power). So, on November 27 when Mercury came to the Galactic Center and squared Uranus in 27 Pisces, WikiLeaks released more files creating a collective wave of political scandals amidst the personal struggle over travel. There also was a significant geomagnetic storm on the Sun (G-2 Class) on November 27.

Planes represent our freedom to travel yet the government mainly uses the TSA to propagate its 9/11-inspired fear program! The TSA is threatening Americans with visual sexual invasion (scanning nudity) and outright sexual abuse (via aggressive pat-downs). Since Sagittarius rules travel, especially flying, this New Moon will intensify the resentment against this bold attempt to steal American dignity. During the previous New Moon in Scorpio, Pluto on the North Node with the New Moon in the middle degrees of Scorpio forced the lingering resentment against the TSA to the surface. Then through the lunar cycle, as Saturn moved into the middle degrees of Libra, people stood up and demanded fairness.

Regarding the entry into Day Seven, those of us working with Carl Calleman's Mayan Calendar hypothesis expect to see the building Oneness of our species happening through technological maturation. Since the issues with flying are coming up by means of scanners and the diplomatic scandals are occurring by email leaks, I see these events as proof of Calleman's hypothesis! During my ceremony at Wise Awakening in Bellingham, I suggested that good images for this idea might be synchronized flocks of birds and schools of fish. Routing planes by radar systems is a wonderful metaphor for synchronous flocks of flying birds, and our personal flying experiences are grouped as we flow along. We all want to know that those who fly with us do not intend to harm us, and we expect to be treated humanely for a service that we pay for. We want to be grouped, not groped!

Meanwhile, the diplomatic exposures could cause some people to wonder: would ending the Western attack on the East be the way to regain our security? Terrorist organizations have publicly stated that they are tricking the West into spending its resources on security. Who is winning the E/W struggle? The TSA was created immediately after 9/11, and many passengers resent it because they sense that it has little to do with their protection. TSA boldly militarizes the US while lining the pockets of security companies. There should be a Congressional investigation into who is making money on airline security. Underlying all these suspicions is the fact that the real story about who created 9/11 has been suppressed, and many Americans want the truth to be revealed. Without processing that watershed event, the US is losing its freedom because people are paralyzed by fear. The hideous shots of nude bodies on the scanners remind some people of Jews being marched into gas chambers during WWII.

With this fiery Moon in Sagittarius, the lid is coming off government intimidation in general. This issue is global because much of the world looks to the US to be a light of liberty. Ironically, the New York Times has already run an editorial that suggests that the leaks make Obama look good as a leader, but, generally, the leaks are transforming many world leaders into Disney-like cartoon characters, who enjoy playing games while the people suffer. The disturbances over the TSA and WikiLeaks will spread globally into anger over other issues, such as: being forced to pay taxes for adventuresome wars while jobs and homes disappear at home; frustration with banker profiteering; and dismay over the glaring deterioration of people in public office. The no-win quality of these issues is causing many to think of themselves as members of abused groups, which is the first stage of revolution. Threatening to take away our right to fly unless we first submit to sexual abuse is getting people to band together, since this outrageous abuse of power resonates with all the other sexual abuse acts so recently committed by people we trusted.

These core breakthroughs are hot right now with Chiron (clearing the core wound) conjunct Neptune (melting our boundaries). Most people feel terribly vulnerable right now. Think of it! Just when the conjunction has been the tightest over a the last few months, thousands if not millions of people who have not yet cleared their own hidden sexual abuse issues find themselves going nuts when the TSA goes after their genitals! The airports are now more dangerous than the rectories and confessionals!

The New Moon in Sagittarius describes how we will discover ourselves within our main group: the human species. So, I will read the chart looking for how the planets can inspire us to move into Oneness by means of technology, even including the TSA scanners and the diplomatic emails! The New Moon is in 13 Sagittarius in a tight sextile to Saturn in 15 Libra, so our highest perspective on freedom is disciplined and very harmonious. Saturn's sextile to the New Moon announces we are free beings-for example, free to fly and free to control our own lives when we are ready. Saturn in 15 Libra is conjunct the USA Saturn in 15 Libra, so we are experiencing the eighth USA Saturn Return; it is no accident the scanners are being pushed first in the US. The conflict over them will probably mean other countries will not be stupid enough to buy into them. As more countries go bankrupt, there will be more pressure to stop the fear program and to return to sanity.

Since fiery liberty is our issue right now, we turn to Uranus, the ruler of transformation and freedom. Uranus-conjunct-Jupiter squares Mars on the Galactic Center in the tenth house cast for Washington, DC. This square to Mars indicates great tension with America's "enemies." Uranus conjunct Jupiter is exact for the last time on January 4, 2011, so this energy is building and peaking. It involves stretching and expanding our transformations, and it causes people to stretch themselves so that they can change and grow. Jupiter's ruling planet is Sagittarius, so now that we come to the final phase of this conjunction, we can see that it is about transforming ourselves by means of travel, especially flying, and about seeing the truth about our global world. So, the battle over government intrusion of our rights is huge, and with the square to Mars in Sagittarius on the ultimate freedom gate-the Galactic Center-this battle is very transformative. Mars on the Galactic Center wants us to take our cosmic powers, and the square to Jupiter/Uranus says we have to transform beyond silly limitations, such as having a few Elite power brokers run the whole world.

The freedom movement will not be backing off with Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn on the lunar North Node, which means people will see the truth about the structures that rule their lives. They will act on the truths they see because the lunar North Node is finishing its karmic phase of changing structures before the North Node moves into Sagittarius in February 2011. The North Node in Sagittarius will inspire total evolutionary advancement during the end of the Mayan Calendar. The North Node will be on the Galactic Center during March/April 2011, just when the Universal Underworld time acceleration begins! Wow!

Mars on the Galactic Center sextile Venus in early Scorpio favors balance between males and females as we become more group conscious. Venus in Scorpio pushes us to be honest because when we lie to ourselves, things crash around us, such as the economic basis of world powers. This is a good month to take these collapses very seriously, since they say something about how we're really feeling. As for what the TSA is trying to foist on the public, I've noticed that men are appalled to see the women's exposure by the scanners, and women are appalled by the male exposure. Well, Venus in Scorpio exactly sextiles the North Node close to Mercury/Pluto, so we see things by feminine intuition, which exposes the dark. Of course, Venus in Scorpio sextiling Mars/North Node/Mercury/Pluto favors more exposure of the diplomatic abuses. This aspect even may flush out a few more abusers in the Roman Catholic system. Or, maybe this aspect will spark a protest movement of married Catholic women who want permission to use condoms for birth control, since now the Pope says male prostitutes can use condoms to avoid AIDS!

Lastly, Neptune and Chiron are still traveling close together in 26 Aquarius, so the core wounds just keep on being exposed; we all are dissolving and surrendering. The core wound for America is 9/11, so I often wonder if these last days of Chiron/Neptune will flush out the truth. A third release of Elite secrets is coming soon from WikiLeaks, so perhaps this is when we will find out the truth about 9/11? As far as I can see into the quality of Day Seven, we can handle our deep pain more easily when we realize that most everybody else feels it too. We have grown a lot under the influence of Chiron conjunct Neptune since 2008.

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: December 21 (Short Reading)

I expect this whole lunar cycle to be totally unforgettable because this New Moon seed bears fruit during the 29-degree Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 21. This total eclipse occurs about fifteen hours before the Winter Solstice, so its energy pours right into the winter season. During this eclipse of the Moon, the Sun in 29 Sagittarius is close to the Galactic Center, and Mercury retrograde is combust the Galactic Center. This is awareness!!! It will be totally visible in the US, especially on the West Coast around midnight.

As many of you know, global ceremonies focused on achieving male/female harmony at the start of Day Seven, and this eclipse indicates we are going to be downloaded with cosmic knowledge about how to return to gender balance. I can feel that using the primary asteroids-Ceres, Juno, Athene, Vesta-will illuminate how we can find Oneness this year.

During the Lunar Eclipse, Juno exactly opposes Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. Juno rules deep pain over inner separation from our own sex, which is then reflected outside us. We see this angst when women envy other women and men try to keep other men from their women. This is primary jealousy, an emotion that causes many people to stop doing the important things in their lives while they wallow in jealousy. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces has been expanding and transforming us into compassionate humans, with the last conjunction in 27 degrees of Pisces on January 4. Next, as Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries, our experiences with expansion and transformation will be bold, challenging, and difficult. So, Juno's exact opposition to Jupiter/Uranus just before their conjunction must be important. Maybe, this Juno complex is the main reason the Elite gets away with leading the people like flocks of sheep; it seems to insidiously sap the personal power of most individuals.

The opposition of Juno to Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus highlights our problems with separation from our primal selves and forms a grand square to the eclipse line right on the Galactic Center. This suggests that during the potent lunar eclipse, our attainment of compassion could be achieved by healing our own inner sexual identity separation complexes. I ask the men; is your inner male guilt-ridden, sneaky, promiscuous, and mean? Or, are you proud, clear, integral, and kind inside? Women, is your inner woman abused, greedy, jealous, and spiteful? Or, are you free, generous, heart-felt, and kind? Of course, you can determine a lot of the answers by observing your own significant partner.

The issue I'm bringing up is a perennial one, and this amazing eclipse spotlights the inner healing we need to attain Oneness. Chiron/Neptune are separating because they have done their part, and now we must heal male/female inner separation. Then, mothers and daughters will love each other freely, and fathers and sons will identify with each other and learn skills together. In the fourth dimension (4D), Pluto will release the captured daughters from the Underworld, and Uranus will liberate our sons from wars. In my next reading, we'll consider how this potent eclipse releases right into the Winter Solstice, making it an energetic force we will share during the deep winter.

The Winter Solstice will be posted by mid-December.


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