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Thanks Drummy, I can read your reply right now, no problem.

I thought at first sight that you can't reply directly because you put the answer on top.
btw WRH What Really Happened and TTS The TruthSeeker have moved to new servers, TTS also chose a new site software. WRH loads up more quickly for me than before.
I have realized - as mentioned before - that computers running older Windows operating systems like Win2000 and XP are sabotaged online, it's via hijacking the windows socket during the online connection. They sneak in tiny programs that stay in the RAM Random Access Memory and try to interrupt the connection.
It seems to be sent from the visited end-server directly or it is attached from another server in between the customer computer and the host server.

I can visit many sources without problem but with some sites it occurs predictably. It looks as if they target the external IP address first.
Yesterday I was banking online with a computer that I use only for this purpose, NOT connecting from within a browser but thru the coded online channel established by the program and the bank server. So, I was not browsing at all. When I had finished my online session and disconnected from the bank server, then suddenly the sabotage command that has been waiting in the background was switched on.

It's a special rather stupid non-logical error message, typical Microsoft, it says: "The process was already terminated before it was started." LOL!
Laughable rubbish! No explanation or only wrong, misleading attempts to be found in the technical web forums.

I think, they want to force people to give up older machines and switch to Windows 7 and newer Intel (!) processors. Why? Because the new machines are TOTALLY controllable from the outside with ready-to-open backdoors and you won't notice anything and can't prevent it with firewalls and clean-up programs and so on because the backdoor is hard-wired.
You have still the choice to encrypt everything you store on your hard disk with a special on-the-job scrambler. Or you take a Linux Live CD and store everything on USB sticks to transfer the data to another computer that is NEVER connected to the public net.

BIG BROTHER (and his little sisters) try to KEEP WATCHING ALL THE TIME.

We show them their own shit and they don't like it. What a pity!

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Thanks Drummy, I can read your reply right now, no problem.
I wouldn't be so angry if my computer was an old beat up thing. But it is new, and rightfully recognized ~ I just want to smash that Intel component thingy. I am being spied on more than ever before. *NM*
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