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The Vatic Project: What WikiLeaks Coverage Was Blocking -- Record Level Crimes of the Federal Reserve Banks *PIC*

HERE is what WikiLeaks coverage was blocking -- Record Level Crimes of the Fed Reserve Banks


Vatic Note:  NOW we know why wikileaks has taken up all the news that we already knew and why the banker owned MSM was giving it broad coverage when they completely ignored it when  Ron Paul talked about it or Senator Grayson was probing and trying to get the Chairman to tell him where the money went.  $12 TRILLION DOLLARS OF OUR TAXES TO BE PAID BY GENERATIONS OF OUR CHILDREN ARE GONE TO CENTRAL BANKS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  Where are those countries  taxpayers and why are Americans paying their bailouts as well.... Notice the Bank of London, ROTHSCHILD WHO MADE RECORD PROFITS LAST YEAR WHEN THE BAILOUTS WERE HANDED OUT???  And what are we talking about?  WIKILEAKS AND HIS SEXUAL FLINGS AND INNOCUOUS AND WORTHLESS LEAKS, while they bankrupt our nation in favor of the Rothschilds central banks around the globe.  

These psychopaths are brilliant.  Wikileaks was a stroke of genius or we would be in the middle of a massive rebellion right now, but nobody knows about this because WIKILEAKS DIDN'T TELL US, notice, nor did the mainstream press, but they are focused on Wikileaks, that alone should tell you something right there.  .  Gee, what a surprise.  Add to this the LAND GRAB GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY AS WELL AS GLOBALLY, and rebellion would be global over all of this, but hey, nothing like a good soap opera to keep the sheep quiet.  The LAND GRAB info is going up on here at 5 pm today and you will see, combined with yesterdays taking of our water, that we are in the most deep caca that we have ever been in.  I am not sure we can pull out of it either.  I didn't used to believe that, but then I had no idea the breadth and depth of the horrors these people were capable of.... its enough to make me believe they really are lizards.  


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