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9/11 Truther Spoiled Cold Fusion


This has been a monumentous (sic, ie. we will make monuments to this time) time these last few weeks. With the US Navy finding that Cold Fusion is an actuality (which should be pursued on a MASSIVE scale) http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/us-navy-scientists-claim-cold-fusion-breakthrough-19762.html AND the passing of HR1913 (see posts below). And the 'outbreak' of some weak arsed bug that is killing hardly anyone (see posts below) that is sucking up all the data stream...whew what a time.

Now comes the kicker...it's a video that is 47 minutes or so but go the 10 minute mark and watch the bit about the 9/11 Truthers spokesperson...Steven E. Jones whom 'outed' Cold Fusion before it's time. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7020089199398847503&hl=en

Now, I know a controlled demolition when I see one, 9/11 is both a tragedy and an enigma and I am still not convinced that either side has the truth. In fact, whenever there are 'sides' (either/or BS) the Truth will lie outside the generated paradigm no matter where or from what those paradigms convey. I also know that Cold Fusion seems correct in my psyche. I might be an idiot but it makes sense in the video above.

Now that I've heard that a 9/11 truther was involved in the early outing, hence early date with the media, of Cold Fusion I see the lie getting deeper and deeper. There is something much bigger going on around both subjects and I am getting downright ticked off at these frickin' 'Factions'. A double shot, stomache and back of the head, to both sides of this stupid game they've wrapped us in.

Back to Jones (if indeed my state of mind ever left me free to drift I'm so friggin hopping mad), Pons and Fleischmann had their backs to the wall with this sly MoFo Jones attempting to make P and F unable to Patent their discovery. A bunch of Fed-funded labs, found 'no, it ain't workin, hick, can ya give us some more funds to...'.

Which brings me back to...now that the Navy has backed up their research, and we all know the realm of the Navy...now how can Jones be a spokesperson for ANYTHING where the words 'TRUTH' come to be. This is a mess. He lied before...he'll lie again, and his outing from long ago makes everyone involved in the 9/11 movement suspect. WTF is going on?

I don't know and I don't care, I'm buying Palladium and going home. I'm sick of having fear flung from this angle, fear flung from that angle, fear, fear, fear...Cold Fusion is right around the corner and Cold Fusion is Real Power, Power From Within (within water and palladium). Any other power, is grasping for what was and is about to go away. Good friggin riddance.

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