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How Can We Save Julian Assange!?

Dear Jean

Can we save this man?! Now theyve trumped up sexual assault charges. Cant they even be original? Theyve created a new name for published terrorism.So long as they can call it 'something terrorism' they can hang him

How can we save Julian Assange????

(Name withheld)


Reply to above question by Jean Hudon, of Earth Rainbow Network:

Hi (anonymous)
I'm sorry to break the news to you but I'd say your unreserved support for Assange might be unwise...
I've compiled over 70 pages most of it showing that this is a psy-ops - a mind control operation supported by the CIA and the Zionist lobby in the US.
Just to get you started do make time to listen to the following videos.
Is WikiLeaks A CIA Operation? Part 1 - Part 2 HERE - Part 3 HERE
Webster Tarpley exposes Julian Assange and Wikipedia as a CIA operation.
You must also listen to...
WikiLeaks is ZioPoison!
Then I hope you will read the material I've compiled when it comes your way. You will then see more clearly what this whole charade is...
Best regards
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