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Hen-Man-Pig ArtFlu Release in Mexico after Prominent Visits *PIC*

The Artificial Trias: Human, Swine, Bird

Mexico City is on the 19th latitude if this might be relevant also.

Nice promo video for OxySilver. Clever Lenny knows how to sell, but - if it's helpful and far better than vaccination - why not?
Question remains:
If people are forced to prepare against artificial flu infections do they have a choice between Novavax injections and OxySilver oral input?

If some ordinary guy would make in public insinuations and accusations against Big Pharma pointing out names of persons and companies same way as Dr. Horowitz does he would be silenced within days by exorbitant money claims, the legal system's blood hounds let loose. How is it for Dr. Lenny in this case?

Anyway, thanks for the clip, I will produce some colloidal silver at home and store it in dark blue miron glass bottles for daily use.

Miron glass protects against the destructive ultraviolet sunrays.
To sum it up, what I've learnt till now:

Concentrated garlic extract like Allicin plus vitamin C and also some extra vitamin D are said to be helpful, colloidal silver or OxySilver of course, sounds plausible, additionally I would recommend an ozonizer for breathing air and drinking water, a blood zapper Hulda Clark or Dr. Beck model, no hallucinogens, no alcohol and despite all bad news, sufficient and fearless sleep.

Still having all options on the table (as usual), did the aliens bring swine flu? How alien might these aliens be? Unidentified reptilians - tridactylous - in unidentified flying objects?

Alien Trias Over Mexico City


The UFO thingy seems to be the all purpose distraction for the gullibles - last resort in dead end street?

What do we really know?

Swine Flu Is Deadly Mix Of Never-Before-Seen Viruses

The outbreak in Mexico City happened
25th April 2009 that is 04-25-2009
in 'simplistic numerology# 4+25=29 2+9=11 2+0+0+9=11
two times 29 or 11

Was this date deliberately chosen? What's the message then?

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Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz (Quite a powerful Video) *LINK*
I like his presentation... and his facts... and I believe him! *NM*
Hen-Man-Pig ArtFlu Release in Mexico after Prominent Visits *PIC*
Dr. Mercola's recommendations to protect from flu infection
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