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Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation -- Proving what a lot of Israelis have suspected for some time now... *PIC*

...that contrary to what most people believe, American Jews in Congress & AIPAC are among the Biggest Enemies of Israel...and the American people...

Lieberman Introduces Anti-WikiLeaks Legislation

Something about Joe...


Well, why would Joe-mentum worry about what happens here; it's not really the country he cares about, anyway.

Sorry, just wanted to be the first to belabor the obvious.

Would be nice if Assange dropped the next house on him. Who's funding this loathsome bastard? Anyone want to guess?

I'm trying to figure out what it is about Holy Joe that is so infuriating, why the disgust he provokes is so visceral, and I think it's his face. You really can't blame a person for the way he looks, I know, but it might be the sanctimonious expression on his visage, which is a permanent medical condition. It's like your parents told you when you were three and made a funny face: be careful, or your face will stay that way. Joe didn't listen...

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