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WikiLeaks Exposed the True Mideast Conflict (hmm...God forbid)... *PIC*

...another Cardinal Sin -- exposing the raging hormones of those who have a hate on for Israel and all reason flies out the window...?  

WikiLeaks Exposed the True Mideast Conflict
He is not merely undermining the world order -- Assange is dangerous because he has shattered accepted dogma on the Middle East.


Julian Assange is a dangerous criminal. This strange man with his long blond hair and misanthropic expression is not merely a cyberterrorist of a new kind. He is not merely a delusory anarchist humiliating the greatest power on earth. He is not merely an uninhibited megalomaniac disrupting modern diplomacy and undermining the world order. Assange is a dangerous criminal because he has shattered the accepted dogma on the understanding in the Middle East in the 21st century.

This dogma stated the following: The main problem in the Middle East is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The main problem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the occupation. The main problem in the occupation is the settlements. Therefore if we just stop the settlements, the occupation will begin to end, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be solved and the Middle East will be stable...




U.S. $60-Billion Saudi Arms Deal Aimed At Countering Iran


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