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wikileaks r.i.p. *PIC*

wikileaks r.i.p.


Soylent Green has happened, people. is DEAD.
The Swedish server where Wikileaks stored their material has kicked them.
The newer American 'Amazon' server where Wikileaks were storing their information has kicked them.
Every DNS, the domain name server, canceled claiming DDOS attacks estimated at 10 gigabytes per second were compromising service infrastructure for 500,000 other websites.

In the UK, Scotland Yard will arrest Wikileaks founder Julian Assange today and you gotta wonder if the INSURANCE file was just a bluff...

If Wikileaks is at all legitimate as a Freedom Of Information outlet (and not just a CIA front to limit future access to the internet by tactical releasing) then this single act is the DEATH KNELL for free humanity. This series of Global Crackdowns against THE RELEASE OF THE TRUTH shows that we are now under Corporate Control and are all guilty cellmates sharing the same rape bunk in a Prison Planet, period...

Soon, Julian Assange will have been Sexually Extorted into a court of 'law' and you'll forget you ever heard of TRUTH as you eat more gruel, drink more sewage and buy more useless crap. Enjoy your online HellHoleTyranny corporate war future, humanity. And to the cynics who think "you're gullible to blindly go along with the Wikileaks psy-op", yes, I do realise that all wikileaks (Assange) releases could merely be a top-level poiltical game to REWRITE WHAT WE'VE BEEN TOLD ABOUT THE WAY THE GLOBAL CHESS GAME WORKS and all that we find being sponsored by mainstream media needs to be scrutinized properly.

In summary: secret government and lack of transparency allows Free Humanity and Free Planet to be crushed under a jackboot like a scuttling cockroach - well done everyone...


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