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My foresight came true, due to BP GOM crude leaks, Europe deep freezed, buried in snow like rarely seen before at this time, it will become worse, Gulf Stream weather engine was damaged 20th April!

but nobody till now as far as I've seen
correlates the cause with the result
this will not only affect Europe
man-made disaster

Poland coming night partly expects maximum low of minus 33° Celsius.
Average low of roundabout minus 16° Celsius (0° Fahrenheit) in Norway, Scotland, Germany, Austria.
(Iceland is warm in comparison, only minus 5° Celsius (29° Fahrenheit).

Could it be expected? Yes!
Does western media connect the dots? No!
Why not?

I put Wikileaks versus Gulf rig oil leaks.
What's the real big damage that has just begun to be seen in Europe also?

Leak proof evidence for Siberian cold snap.
Russia's gas supply for Europe now more important than ever.
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