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Paving the Way for the Final Invasion?... *LINK*

Most people aren't thinking about the Gulf states in the U.S. anymore since BP convinced everyone that they've cleaned everything up down there.  Did they clean it up or just pave the way for something else?...

Gulf Oil Rig Prepares Path for Invasion of U.S. – Part Three

Toxic Air, Sprayed Chemicals...Earthquake?  Pick Your Poison.  But Wait, There's More...

In this addition of the series we unveil a confusing and suspicious move which we’ve been watching for months. Some of this goes back almost a year. We have been closely watching Central America and wouldn’t you know it, our suspicions were correct.  There has been an active effort for a couple of years to make it more and more difficult for American’s (Expats) to live in Central and South America. One such move was to barcode and digitize all Passport processing at the Port of Entries in Costa Rica. Another was changing the banking system. Still another is to make tax reporting quarterly and make everyone track every transaction over $500, soon to be everything over $100. We watched this unfold and then just this year all of these things went into place. These criteria don’t exactly match the “situation” or “lifestyle” of most Americans living in the area. The U.S. Government has long controlled Costa Rica.

The scenario of most interest is the earthquake zone.  In light of the devastation on the Gulf sea floor, Russian scientist hold the Gulf floor at Deep Horizon responsible for a 5.0 earthquake that hit the Great Lakes region two weeks ago as well as the 4.6 Virgin Islands and 4.7 Guatemalan quakes. Costa Rica had it’s own earthquake too, less than two weeks ago.

Anytime we hear anything “official” coming out of the mouth of an “official” we run it through filters. Some of the filters: What is really being said? Why are they saying it? What is really going on in the big picture? Etc.

In this particular situation the Tsunami that hit Indonesia quickly comes to mind. The official story is the tsunami was caused by an “earthquake.” Not oddly, the U.S. and Australian Navy vessels in the region were already prepared with supplies they would not normally be carrying. New York insiders had already prepared their contracts for rebuilding and made billions on infrastructure. The U.S. Military took out a lot of Muslims inland while the relief efforts were all at the beach.

Reality is another story entirely. For those of you who don’t know, the Tsunami was man-made...


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