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Ya ya, these Davids and Christophers and the Zionistic Controllism. Undead Bollyn claims WickedLeaks to be 'anti-zionist', how funny!

Oh oh oh ... the 'sweeedish' plot ....

Christopher Bollyn's good days are over, seemingly.
Or didn't he himself write this article, at all?

Is ASSange a mind-controlled patsy released from psycho prep barracks?

The Swedish Plot to Criminalize Julian Assange and WikiLeaks


Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is now facing an international arrest warrant issued by Swedish police for having allegedly annoyed or molested two women in Sweden. The charges, which are very nebulous, stem from complaints made by two anonymous women about one week after the supposed encounters occurred. If the allegations of rape are true, Assange could face two years in a Swedish prison. What's really going on? And why is Sweden, a country that supposedly cherishes freedom of the press, persecuting Assange, a true champion of press freedom in the 21st Century? Is this another example of malicious prosecution?

Assange was recently denied a permanent residency permit in Sweden, although the authorities refused to provide the reasons for their unusual denial of the permit. This is very odd because Sweden is known for giving residency and citizenship to terrorists and mass murderers. I know this is true because I met a long-time Swedish resident who personally murdered scores of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982. Sweden is a country that welcomes mass murderers but refuses to give a residency permit to a well known genius with incredible talents and integrity. Furthermore, Sweden recently refused to prosecute Joachim Posner, the Bernard Madoff of Scandinavia, who disappeared with millions of crowns of investors money in 1997 and who has been living in Brussels, the center of the European Union, under his own name. What's going on in Sweden, where the sordid sexual affairs of the king are openly discussed in a best-selling book while 80 percent of the public thinks the king has a right to a scandalous private life?

We have to remember that Assange and WikiLeaks are acting as war reporters on the Internet, the new global news medium. Assange has simply provided the public with important first-hand documents from the war, information which is not provided by the Zionist-controlled press. The majority of the U.S. media outlets are owned by six Zionist-controlled networks like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. The Zionist-controlled media monopoly was created in order to shape public opinion in favor of the Zionist war agenda in the Middle East. Using basic mind control techniques they have persuaded most Americans to support the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Christopher Bollyn, the patriotic US American stetson cowboy imposter?
Or a captured and misused victim of the global crime network,
as EricH claims?

Something is terribly wrong with the Bollyn family


Articles and audio files from Christopher Bollyn
after he disappeared in June 2007


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Ya ya, these Davids and Christophers and the Zionistic Controllism. Undead Bollyn claims WickedLeaks to be 'anti-zionist', how funny!
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