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yes, you may hide C4 plastic explosives in your glory hole aka rectum or vagina and they won't be able to See For it.

I always wondered why the so-called suicide bombers put these big belts with bricks of dynamite around their wrist when a small apple of C4 could do the job much better and no risk of being seen until 'mission ignition' starts.

These suicide bombers are just dumb and stupid. Blow themselves up in places where always the wrong people get hurt, that is, they are constantly missing the important target, so no strategic effect or benefit for their case, no win of money or territory or goods as in normal decent warfare. Only big disorderly shows for television and journalists who regularly get notice in advance so they can shoot the most impressive pictures for those who are CNN-greedy hoping to 'be the first to know' so that they can feel privileged.

Dumb and stupid people, these terroristic suicide bombers.
Always bombing wrong time, wrong place, wrong people and then bragging about it with cellphone calls to quikileaks news-orga to tell everybody that old dead men gave the order and also, sending old-fashioned video-tapes, in times of 32 Gigabytes hour long films stored on one tiny USB chip.
Can you get it? They place holy books and ID cards and make traceable phone calls and send big traceable videotapes to show who's done the roadside bomb, the air plane hijacking, the skysraper demolition and so on and so forth. And they send online malware to the pentagon computers.

And they do this firecracker needles and pins tactic for decades without any remarkable succes for their holy cause written in holy slim books and such.

Oh my oh my oh my!
Deedle dumb deedle die ...

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WND Exclusive: Shocker! TSA's nude scans would miss taped-on bombs *LINK*
yes, you may hide C4 plastic explosives in your glory hole aka rectum or vagina and they won't be able to See For it.
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