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Comment/reply from Zany *PIC*

Hi Drumspirit,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting this!!!   Everything I read of late is so depressing, confining and negative that it's difficult to maintain a balance on the POSITIVE SIDE.   Little Grandmother is one series that brought HOPE and LOVE back into the picture.

I found these two WONDERFUL videos with Drunvalo to do the same, even though I've never really carsed for Lilou's "little girly voice".  LOL   I've always liked him, have read all his written works, and know that his wife Claudette works with Russian billionaires to empower them to bring Spirit back INTO business!  As you know, Cal Garrison, his editor-in-chief, has been on my show twice... she's fantastic!

I posted links to this post to my two groups, so you should get a lot of "hits".   It's one of the most hopeful voices and interviews of late.


We are now in the last throes of the old paradigms falling, and they don't believe it yet.  In fact, they will most likely cling to power, wealth and destruction right up to whatever "the ending point" of all that negativity will be.   But end, it must.   I like what Clif High calls them now:

The powers that WERE!

Love and Hugs,


P.S.  I'd NEVER heard of the Plasma beings, but am THRILLED to know there are higher consciousnesses of LOVE involved with our transformation!   We need ALL the help we can GET!  And, let us remember to empower one another as ONE LIVING LOVING SPIRIT!

PEACE and LOVE be with us ALL!



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LATEST Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek ~ Update 2012 and PLASMA BEINGS *LINK*
Rather surprised there have been no comments. Too sci-fi for most? *NM*
Comment/reply from Zany *PIC*
TPTW (Powers that Were) :D Love that phrase. I have always felt Mother Earth would have the last say and I'm sticking with that one! All distractions ~ TPTW have not a clue how to rescue themselves!
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