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December 2010 "Planet Alert Newsletter" by Mahala Gayle *LINK* *PIC*

Planet Alert Newsletter

December 2010

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As I am sitting here writing this article, I am feeling
the effects from the past full moon that was right over us here in Seattle.
The ground is covered with snow and the temperature has been below freezing
for three days. A major storm came in last Sunday afternoon (full moon day)
and dumped a lot of snow on us. It has been beautiful, although it became
very chaotic here in the Northwest. There have been lots of accidents and
general chaos. There is suppose to be a warming trend coming in and I am
very grateful for that.

On November 21 there was a T cross in the heavens that
consisted of the Sun in Scorpio, moon in Taurus, and Neptune in Aquarius.
Being the Northwest is affected when the Sun is in either Taurus or Scorpio
we had our storm. Neptune is over the Koreas. I really don't like what is
happening over there, although it is not unexpected. Because of all the
chaos going on in the world, the people who vibrate to a lower frequency
feel it the most and become aggressive.

The end of the 19th chapter of Revelation talks about war
breaking out. This does not have to be worldwide. I know our space friends
are out there looking out for us, and they will interfere if we decide to
get a little carried away with our nuclear weapons. According to the history
channel, UFOs have already dismantled many nuclear weapons and they will not
allow an all-out nuclear war because it would do too much damage to our
Earth and our atmosphere. I was told that many years ago.

However, they will allow small local wars. We do have free
will and we also have to learn the lesson that war is not the answer. Peace
is where it is at, although I think peace comes when we are living on the
fifth dimension Earth, which is a lush and beautiful place. The doorway to
that dimension is now open for anyone who chooses to walk through the door.
The dark ones are trying to stir up chaos on Earth before they go totally
down. They are pulling their last tricks out of their bag but they don't
realize the light has won and they are out of luck.

We have some challenging energy coming up between now and
mid-December. We will still be affected by the energy of the November full
moon until December 5th which is the new moon. Then Mars moves into
Capricorn and this is not good news because this is where the node and Pluto
are located. The first few degrees of Capricorn rules guns, gun shot wounds,
and violence. They are already rioting in South Korea.

Mars moves into Capricorn on December 7, and will conjunct
the node on December 11. Mars is the planet of war and Pluto is the God of
the Underworld. Then on December 13 Mars will conjunct Pluto on 4 degrees
Capricorn which can manifest as violence. And then we throw Mercury
retrograde, which will turn on December 10-29 on 5 degrees Capricorn, into
the mess. This portrays very intense energy because Pluto is the planet of
intense energy.

China is under the ruler-ship of Capricorn, so they might
join in with the Koreans. I am asking all who are reading this article to
please manifest peace within your self. The more people who manifest peace,
the better off everyone will be. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD!

The Middle East is also critical at this time, along with
the Gulf of Aden at the tip of the Red Sea. There have been many earthquakes
in that area for the past couple of weeks. That Star Gate is now open and
ready for action, how ever that works out. Today on the news I heard that a
pirate ship had attacked a regular ship. The Gulf of Aden is right next to
Yemen and Somalia.

I don't like to bring such disturbing news right before
Christmas but the planets are critical. All of this dark stuff needs to
surface so it can be released, and then we can bring in new ways of doing
things. It's always darkest before the dawn. Remember Christmas, or the
Winter Solstice is about celebrating the birth of light. This is also the
time when the Sun is at the closest point to Earth.

We are in the final throes of negative events. Things may
start to improve when Jupiter moves into Aries in January, and then when
Uranus moves into Aries in March we will start to experience a major new
beginning. The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit starts on February third and
that will be a more peaceful year. That year starts on 13 degrees Aquarius,
which lines up with the Cygnus constellation, and that is where the sound of
our creation came from in the beginning. It's time for a new song to be

The Star Gates are open and ready for us to walk through
the door. Are you ready for a new experience? Are you ready to live on a
different type Earth? I like the feeling of the New Earth. It is very happy
and joyful there. We still have a little time left to finish up the dark
stuff before we arrive on the New Earth. Read the 21st and 22nd chapters of
Revelation to find out what the New Earth will be like. I saw it in a vision
several years ago and it is very beautiful. That vision is what has kept me
writing my articles for all these years.

Every one has their own idea of how the changes will
happen. This is because it will be different for everyone. Whatever you have
created will be what ends up in your face. It can get very devastating for
those who are on a lower frequency. Some think they will just wake-up in a
different dimension, which is possible. Others are looking for the space
ships to land and help us through this change. Others are looking for the
ships to take them away to their home in the stars, or wherever they choose
to go. And then there are the ones who are storing food, etc to survive on
this planet. I, myself, choose to live on the New Earth. That is my
destination. I like it there because it is very joyful and magical.

There will be a lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice
December 21, 2010. This eclipse lines up with the Galactic Center. I think
we have reached the end of a 26,000 year cycle. The Sun will be on 29
degrees Sagittarius and the moon 29 Gemini. Mercury, the messenger of the
Gods, will be on 26 degrees Sagittarius. And Uranus and Jupiter will be
conjunct on 25-26 Pisces. This means that six planets will be in a mutable
cross in the heavens. This cross is considered the mother cross and there
will be lots of feminine (love) energy bathing the Earth at this time. Have
you seen the Bubbles of energy at the Galactic Center? If not, check out
http://www.nytimes. com/2010/ 11/10/science/ space/10galaxy. html?scp= 5&sq=galax

I know the energy sounds tense for the first part of
December, but towards Christmas the energy will change. How it all works out
I don't have a clue. I do know that all light workers will be taken care of
because their frequency is very high. We have all worked very hard for
several years clearing our bodies and overcoming our fears. Love is letting
go of fear, and love is soft and gentle. So Be It!

I send you my love and blessings for a very happy holiday
season. May the God within bless all of you.

Written in love and light
with the help of my Angel friends.

hala Gayle*****

I wrote another article about Chemical Poisoning that will
be on my web site soon. This is about my personal experiences with chemical
sensitivity and maybe it will help others who have the same problem. I found
out how aspartame turns to formaldehyde in the body. Formaldehyde is what
poisoned me in the first place. My cycle of illness is now ending, and from
now on I plan on experiencing perfect health.

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