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Are Humans Alien Hybrids? The Real Story of Atlantis & More *LINK*

The Real Story of Atlantis & More

Contrary to accepted history and archeology, Zecharia Sitchin (RIP) says here that the ancient civilization of Sumer in present-day Iraq was founded by extraterrestrials called the "Annunaki" in the ancient cuneiform texts of that culture.

He says the Annunaki were from the "10th Planet," called "Nibiru," in the Sumerian language. He says this planet is described in the clay tablet texts as an extra-solar planet in our own Solar System, explaining that Nibiru has a highly elliptical orbit around the Sun, making its closest approach to Earth, between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars every 3,600 years.

Although the production of this Sci-Fi show is very low budget and cheesy by broadcast standards and there being no attempt to contextualize the claims made here within the more accepted views, there are many interesting observations made by the speakers in this clip.

For example, Lloyd Pye points out that chimpanzees, which are scientifically accepted as the closest relatives to human beings have 48 chromosomes, whereas humans have only 46. If we're supposed to also be primates and if we're supposed to be relatively advanced in cognitive abilities compared to chimps, wouldn't we have more chromosomes than they do, not less?

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