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B.C. is Being Sold Out From Under the Citizens!

Received in an email the following:


Dear cyberpals:
As compassionate witnesses to history, there are always tremours and shifts in the landscape to notice,
especially with the help of friends like Inge!  Growing in the knowing.  Bruce.
BC is Being Sold  - right out from under our noses!

cdsapi's Added Comment:  This demands your complete and earnest attention
The same thing is happening, not only in BC, but literally everywhere, in coordinated  synchronicity.   Note that these changes are all implemented by "Orders in Council" - in other words, with the stroke of the pen of the Premier - as literal "dictates".  
Like Brenner in Iraq, Campbell has announced that "BC is For Sale" - "On the Auction Block" - for pennies, even with the bonus of subsidies from taxpayers' monies.  And like Brenner, Campbell wants to make sure that no one can unscramble the scrambled eggs.  Once his mission is accomplished, he is leaving for safer havens, like a real cowward who doesn't stay around to face the music. 
If one takes note of the fact that Campbell attended this year's Bilderberger Meeting, from whence the global agenda is directed, one knows from whence he is taking his orders - marching BC into the New World disOrder of the global "Robber Barons".

Where was this discussed in the mainstream media!

Subject  RED ALERT - From BC Mary RE: Crippling the Next BC Government

It is strange to watch our province being sold from under us
and yet no one is doing anything to stop this. 
Subject:   To cripple the next BC government
Just posted on The Legislature Raids ...

BC Mary comment:  I told you, I told you, I told you ... over and over I told you ... that whatever had been allowed to happen to BC Rail is what would happen again and again to all other publicly-owned assets in British Columbia under the control of Gordon Campbell as premier. 

That is why we had to stop him.

That's why I believed in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial ... I knew it was (and still is) absolutely essential to hold that BC Rail trial to let it reveal - under oath - how to undo that damage and to avoid future damage to the province.

But what is continuing to happen right under our noses is worse ... far, far worse than I could have imagined.

Island Tides -- a small, independent,  bi-monthly newspaper with brilliant reporters -- tells us precisely what has happened.

Here's a quote:

... Mr Campbell's restructuring has been secretly under development for 8 months.  It is supposed to be implemented without a fall legislative session, without enabling bills, without debate, and without public consultation.

"It encapsulates Mr Campbell's longterm agenda:

 giveaways of publicly-owned resources,

deregulation without legislation,

reduced corporate taxes,

and off-the-books public subsidization.

"This ... is his ultimate insult to British Columbians.  Does the cabinet have the intestinal fortitude to halt this destructive reorganization of government?"

This could be called a Citizens' Alert.  The time has come for the general population to move past political slurs and join forces to see what we can do about this catastrophic, emergency situation.



Here are the two full editorials written by Patrick Brown,  published on Pender Island in the bi-monthly newspaper, Island Tides:

Gordon Campbell's Last Hurrah
Island Tides - Nov. 11, 2010

... A week before his press conference proposing a BC Liberal leadership review, Premier Gordon Campbell announced a restructuring of government, apparently without consulting cabinet — and to some opposition among his ministers.

Given his current quasi-resignation, it was the last moment he could exercise the authority to make such a sweeping move.

The shuffle was far from a musical chairs exercise, although the names of a majority of ministries were not changed.  In fact, the October 25 Order-in-Council effectively altered the regulatory authorities and procedures under several existing major pieces of legislation.

The centerpiece of the reorganization was the creation of a Ministry of Natural Resource Operations under the Honourable Steve Thomson, elected for Kelowna-Mission in 2009 and formerly Minister of Agriculture.

The creation of the new ministry marked a naked ideological shift from the stewardship of BC’s environment to its exploitation,  a shift that has been pursued by the BC Liberal government since it came into power in 2001.

It involved significant changes in the responsibilities of several ministries in order to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for applications, permits, and licenses for anyone wishing to exploit the province’s natural resources, be it forestry, mining, oil, gas, energy production, agriculture, or any form of land use.

While there is still a Ministry of the Environment, some of its functions  appear to have been transferred to the new ministry. It is not clear what the relationship of these two ministries will be.

Minister Thomson had been Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce and had participated in several provincial government panels and task forces, on red tape and regulation reduction, fiscal review, and the government’s business council.  Despite this experience, his description of his new ministry reportedly leaned heavily on the term ‘work in progress’.

Among many things, the new Ministry inherits responsibility for (take a deep breath) the First Nations Authorization Consultation Branch, and the forest investment operations function, (from the Minister and Forests and Range  and the Integrated Land Management Bureau); the Crown Land Administration Division.

(from Reprint from Volume 22 Number 21 Nov 11, 2010)

BC Ministry Changes

Order-in-Council OIC 652,  October 25, 2010

*Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
*Ministry of Agriculture and Lands becomes Ministry of Agriculture
*Ministry of Attorney General
*Ministry of Children and Family Development
*Ministry of Citizens’ Services
*Ministry of Community and Rural Development becomes Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
*Ministry of Education
*Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources becomes Ministry of Energy
*Ministry of Environment
*Ministry of Finance
*Ministry of Forests and Range becomes Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands
*Ministry of Health Services
*Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport – dIsestaBlIshed  (the Olympics is over)
*Ministry of Labour
*Ministry of Natural Resource Operations - new
*Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
*Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market
*Development becomes Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development
*Ministry of Small Business, Technology & Economic Development, becomes Ministry of Science & Universities
*Ministry of Housing and Social Development becomes Ministry of Social Development
*Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts becomes Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Investment

*Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure,  the Ministry of  Agriculture and Lands);
 the Aboriginal Relations Branch (from the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources);
and ‘the Ecology and Earth Sciences,  Bio-ecological Classification Plan Ecology,  Wildlife Habitat and Range Ecology,  Climatology and Soil Conservation,  Fish-forestry Interactions and Watershed and Silviculture Research Sections of the Research,  Innovation and Knowledge Management Branch of the Competitiveness and Innovation Division of the Ministry of Forests and Range

are transferred to the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations.’

This last paragraph, lifted directly from the Order-in-Council covering the cabinet restructuring, illustrates both what is being changed and the organizational complexities which underly the need for change.

The new ministry is not the only area where significant responsibilities, along with the staff responsible for them, are being transferred.  Although many of the existing ministries continue under the same name, some of the name changes indicate a significant shift in their focus from people   to business.

There are enough changes so that the Order-in-Council carries a 35-page table listing which ministries are now responsible for which pieces of legislation.  It will clearly be some time before the pieces of government which have been flung into the air by this restructuring settle into their new homes and roles.

The current situation of premier-in-limbo leaves this fundamental reorganization unassailable.


BC Mary comment:  In my view, this is planned chaos intended to cripple the next government no matter who forms the next government.  We must all understand that the duly-elected or duly-hired participants in British Columbia's civic life faces the enormous challenge of rebuilding what it means to be a sovereign, independent province.

If you ask me, that means getting past the "Me good, You bad" school of partisan politics.  And getting past the corrupted media which pretends that everything is OK when B.C. is at the tipping point soon to go over the cliff.

Posted By BC Mary to The Legislature Raids at 11/26/2010 08:21:00 PM

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