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Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID* *PIC*

What America Did to the Vietnamese:
Vietnam: American Holocaust - Bombing Vietnam (8-9 min.VIDEO)


WHY We Did It & WHO Was Behind It:

The Chief Architect of the USA Patriot Act was a Vietnam Refugee. He is a Roman Catholic, a professor at Georgetown University and is a member of the CFR. He also happens to be a Relative of the first President of South Vietnam who was Assassinated while President John F. Kennedy was still alive. The Vatican ruled over South Vietnam and the South Vietnamese, mostly Buddhists, were more terrified of their genocidal Roman Catholic Dictator than they were of the Communists in North Vietnam. The Vatican was not happy when we pulled out of Vietnam. Did President Richard Nixon pay the price with Watergate? -- Are ALL Americans paying the price with the USA Patriot Act? There IS a Connection and the Evidence keeps stacking up. There are many things in the article below you've probably never heard or read before... 

Check Out The Facts & Evidence
Reclaiming Our Rights, Freedoms & Liberties
In The United States Constitutional Republic

Brian David Andersen
July 22, 2008


New York Archbishop Cardinal Francis Spellman hauntingly visited South Vietnam three times in the 1960s and blessed the Americans as “Soldiers of Christ.” Ngo Dinh Diem, the CIA-backed military dictator of South Vietnam was a Roman Catholic whose one brother was the Catholic Archbishop of Hue and whose other brother was the head of the South Vietnam Secret Police.

In an interesting twist of Jesuit irony, Diem's relative, Viet D. Dinh, was a co-author of the Patriot Act composed at Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Dinh was also educated (brainwashed) at Georgetown University after escaping to the United States due to the fall of South Vietnam. Professor Dinh also sits on the Board of Directors for the News Corporation (FOX Network, Wall Street Journal) owned by Ruppert Murdoch. While giving a speech at Georgetown University on April 3 2008, Murdoch stated "the News Corporation is just like the Jesuits except we don't insist on vows of poverty and chastity."

Jesuit installed dictator Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam conducted a brutal genocide for Cardinal Spellman (guided by the Jesuits at Fordham University) against the Buddhists while using U.S. and South Vietnam troops and supplies. The money to wage the Vietnam War on the Buddhists was loaned to the United States government by Jesuit dominated and Knights of Malta operated Federal Reserve Bank...




Ngo Dinh Diem -- President of South Vietnam (1955 - 1963 -- Assassinated)

Viet D. Dinh -- Chief Architect of the USA PATRIOT Act  (Roman Catholic -- CFR -- Georgetown University)


The Vietnam War: A Vatican Crusade! (Mere Coincidences? My, My, how they pile up...)
If the war in Vietnam was a Papal crusade, how do we know that the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan aren’t?

The Vatican/Jesuit influence has only grown since then. It’s interesting that the head of US Central Command was educated at a Jesuit university, as is the head of the Defense Department (and his predecessor). The head of the US Army was also trained at a Jesuit school. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Michael Mullen, is a Catholic.

Most interesting are actions that John F. Kennedy took in relation to the Vietnam War, shortly before his death. On page 264 of his book, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and The Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty tells us:

With this report in hand, President Kennedy had what he wanted. It contained the essence of decisions he had to make. He had to get re-elected to finish programs set in motion during his first term; he had to get Americans out of Vietnam.

So, if the Vietnam War was a war fought for Papal motives, then the Vatican would have ample reason to involve itself in Kennedy’s assassination. Indeed, one who looks will find that Oswald’s chief handler in New Orleans, Clay Shaw, was a Knight of Malta. Oswald’s cousin was a Jesuit who had him speak at a Jesuit center about Russia.

His other handler, David Ferrie, was educated at a private Jesuit school and was a defrocked Catholic priest.

The FBI/CIA were headed by Knights of Malta at the time of the assassination, and the Secret Service was headed by James Rowland, a Roman Catholic man whose brother, Francis, was a Jesuit priest...     


Pigs In The Parlor (More Interesting & Little Known Facts)...


Fortifying for Armageddon?... 

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Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID* *PIC*
sorry, just wanted to do you a favor :D thanks for the link, the RCMBT Roman Catholic Main Battle Tank is frightening though somewhat old-fashioned.
Hunkering Down for the Battle of Armageddon ... :D *NM*
Re: Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID*
'American' Holocaust? British Holocaust then: Bombing Hamburg, Dresden, Stuttgart, Cologne, Nurnberg, Frankfurt, Berlin? So what was the 'Jewish' Holocaust? Bombing Beirut? Damascus? :O *PIC*
in response to "Deny THIS Holocaust!! * WHO Was Behind It & The FAMILY CONNECTION To The USA PATRIOT ACT *VID* *PIC*"
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