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Smoke & Mirrors, Smoke Screens & Smoking Guns... *VID* *PIC*

The following VIDEO criticizes Alex Jones, but the Important Issue clearly is NOT Alex Jones.  I see Alex as a fence straddler who tries not to step on the Wrong Toes while waking people up.  Does he have an Agenda?  If so, I'd say it's to protect his radio show and his livelihood for as long as possible.  One comment in the video does raise the Question in my mind...Who is Alex Jones so terrified of...his Jewish wife? :O ...or someone else...  Undecided

A couple of Interesting COMMENTS by other viewers of the Video:
The Vatican has finally taken full control of the U.S. Government. Our military is now at their command basically. When our intelligence agencies are run by Catholics, the Supreme Court is practically all Catholic, every president seems to be a closet Catholic, most elected officials are either Catholic or very Ecumenical Christians, I think you basically have to say America is controlled by them now... Samuel Morse warned this would happen.
The Vatican is the one causing all this trouble. Al-Qaeda is nothing. Isn’t it odd our country appoints Roman Catholic after Roman Catholic to the Supreme Court and purposely denies a Protestant even an interview? Isn’t it odd how most of our media is Catholic (Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter)? Who was the main architect of the unconstitutional Patriot Act? Oh that’s right it was ROMAN CATHOLIC, Viet Dinh, who wrote it. Plus Ecumenical Christians are the same as Catholics basically -- and they make up the rest...

Viet D. Dinh -- Chief Architect of the USA PATRIOT Act  (Roman Catholic -- CFR -- Georgetown University)

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Smoke & Mirrors, Smoke Screens & Smoking Guns... *VID* *PIC*
Maybe Popa Smoothsayer is just another 'fence straddler'? AJ's wife? Seems she got'em by the balls. Caged, entrapped, one of many doomed males. Eve seduced Adam, remember? AJ should convert to Islam.
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