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These are the TRAITORS to our Constitution and ALL should be Jailed *LINK*

Filthy Whore Liar Senators
Voted FOR Net Censorship

Author Unknown


(These are the TRAITORS to our Constitution and ALL should be Jailed for
their murderous assault on our God-given freedom of speech and inquiry. -ed
Patrick J. Leahy -- Vermont - Master of the Forked Tongue
Herb Kohl -- Wisconsin
Jeff Sessions -- Alabama - still TRYING to amount to ANYTHING that will have him!
Dianne Feinstein -- California - the Bitch!
Orrin G. Hatch -- Utah - A perpetual FRAUD
Russ Feingold -- Wisconsin - Once thought to be REAL
Chuck Grassley -- Iowa - Garden variety IDIOT for all occassions
Arlen Specter -- Pennsylvania - IMPOSTER FOR every OCCASSION
Jon Kyl -- Arizona
Chuck Schumer -- New York - The constant CHUMP
Lindsey Graham -- South Carolina - Should be deported to Israel
Dick Durbin -- Illinois
John Cornyn -- Texas
Benjamin L. Cardin -- Maryland
Tom Coburn -- Oklahoma Hoelessly Stupid
Sheldon Whitehouse -- Rhode Island
Amy Klobuchar -- Minnesota
Al Franken -- Minnesota -a national Wanna-Be whatever of the moment
Chris Coons -- Delaware
This should be a list of shame. You would think that our own elected officials would understand the First Amendment but, apparently, they have no problem turning the US into one of the small list of authoritarian countries that censors internet content it does not like (in this case, content some of its largest campaign contributors do not like). We already have laws in place to deal with infringing content, so don't buy the excuse that this law is about stopping infringement.
This law takes down entire websites based on the government's say-so. First Amendment protections make clear that if you are going to stop any specific speech, it has to be extremely specific speech. This law has no such restrictions. It's really quite unfortunate that these 19 US Senators are the first American politicians to publicly vote in favor of censoring speech in America. 

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These are the TRAITORS to our Constitution and ALL should be Jailed *LINK*
The Media we have today, like CNN are Tragic and Evil............... *LINK*
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