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It's hard to trust a man that has lied when it counted *LINK*

I must say, I honestly like this guy Dennis, as he "seems" like a good guy. Although, "It's hard to trust a man that has lied when it counted." Can I? Should I?

Hardly ! ? Has he changed? Will he be my friend now? anyone?  ANYONE??? I'll take everything this person tells me with a grain of salt.  Earning back my trust for this man won't be easy.  A dishonest person lives poorly, whether with money or not, they live  "sadly".  Whereas honest persons live bravely and rightly. So say we all! ... er um, well at least until I  can get an 'Ohman' I'm reserving my comments about this individual.


Dennis Kucinich: Fake Taliban Leader, Fake Elections, Fake Deadline, Real Trouble

26. Nov, 2010

Afghanistan War, Nightmare without End for Troops, Innocent Civilians and US Taxpayers by Dennis J. Kucinich Editor’s Note Global Research : This is taken from a press release from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a leading voice for peace in congress. Washington D.C. (November 23, 2010) – Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, a leading proponent of peace, today [...]


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It's hard to trust a man that has lied when it counted *LINK*
The seduction of generalisation. If the devil spoke the truth it would still be truth. Truths wrapped in lies are still truths, though difficult to discern. Kucinich a valve to let off steam? *NM*
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