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On A Clear Day



On A Clear Day

Addendum to Ancient Salt Flats of the United States and other articles.

Added by Robert for clarification of my interest in the view to the east of Northeast El Paso:  As you read this compilation about Ancient U. S. Salt Flats, be advised and remember that I have resided in El Paso for almost forty years and I have driven many times toward Carlsbad, New Mexico on Texas State Highway 54 (locally the highway is known as the Carlsbad Highway) as it winds across the El Capitan slopes.

From my home, on a clear day, to the East, I can see the distant El Capitan dome.  I also see it early in the morning as I drive to my Northeast El Paso home from work at Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss and I travel North, South, East and West around El Paso. It is the third highest mountain in Texas.

One morning, at sunrise, in 1991, from a Franklin Mountain viewpoint (located at the Natural History Museum on Woodrow Bean TransMountain Highway) overlooking the lakebed valley East of El Paso, I saw and took a picture of my first UFO as it hovered over the old lake bed near the Hueco Mountains to the East.  The Guadalupe Mountains and El Capitan to the East were like a backdrop to the scene. My purpose for being at that location was to take a picture of the exact location of the sunrise and it was only after I downloaded my pictures that I noticed the UFO. I was then a member of the ZetaTalk  Earth Rotation Slowing Team.

It was a huge Mother ship in broad daylight.

I was not sure about the UFO appearance being a message for me, but I had been mentally asking if I was actually supposed to be a party to the effort to reveal the alien presence and the government and church cover-up that has been in place (since the Roswell Incident about the reality of UFO’s and the presence on earth of multiple alien groups) and if aliens were here for me in particular.

The answer that came to me was, “When the light diffuses (in the morning and the evening) we are here in thousands.”

I have never had any doubts since then about their purpose and my part since that graphic answer. It was only the beginning of what has been a very educational personal adventure that has already lasted for twenty years.

Actually, I think it will be a Forever Adventure in Color with Sound and Motion.

I think I am supposed to tell everyone I meet that aliens exist and that they are here not just for me but for all mankind worldwide.

If you are interested in making your own determination about UFO’s and aliens, you can give them a Call for counseling on the matter.

 Just remember this, there are both good (Service to Other) and bad (Service to Self) aliens. Be careful who you call.

Further more, it is important that you realize that aliens – as we call them – are, in fact, angels.

They have the ability to transcend – move from one to another – physical and spiritual density.

As humans, we are in third physical density. Almost for sure, your spiritual density exceeds that of a rock but it may not be much further along the road from darkness to light.

Also, just three Friday evening past, I saw eight or more big bright moving lights (UFO’s) in the same general area where I recently saw the EQ Clouds.

The message brought by the clouds and the UFO’s is that the Rio Grande River will widen. I think this event will include the movement West, hinged at San Diego, of Mexico and Central America: of course, the Saint Lawrence Rip and the New Madrid Snap will also be happening prior to, at the same time or following the river spread.

As we have reported earlier, Chicago will vanish under water leaving only Cleveland the only major city above water along the Mississippi

River and its tributaries.

You may recall that in an article I posted at BBS Radio Trusted News Trader about the Fatima letter of Sister Lucia Dos Santos in which she describes the end time visions she experienced in 1915-17, we reported that the Third Secret, as disclosed by Pope John Paul to an audience in Germany, reveals most of the world’s population will perish in one hour due to overflowing water.

Of course the Stephenville UFO warning is about the Horror in Texas due to overflowing water.

All the above is supported by the feeling many people are experiencing now that SOMETHING BAD is going to happen.

The net result of all these warning and of the geological record of prior poll shifts should be that you too are being warned about the coming astrological catastrophe that will be brought upon Planet Earth by the periodic passage through our Solar System of the big bully planet Nibiru.

Your comment or a rebuttal is welcome. However, nothing will stop the pending pole shift.

Please consider this addendum my personal warning to you.


Robert A. Darby, August 8, 2010

(edited and updated November 24, 2010)

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