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formerly Canada based (Edmonton) God-Like-Productions also suffering from heavy cyberwarrior artillery "GLP Is In Lockdown Mode"

finally they came up with a plausible userfriendly explanation

partial copy (with own underlines):

GLP Is In Lockdown Mode...

This website frequently comes under attack in various forms from "special interest" groups and "gang stalkers", especially during times of heated public debate on controversial subjects....

Because of this we sometimes have to lock the place down and ban a large portion of the internet...

It's really nothing personal to 99% of you and I apologize for the inconvenience...

We are working on implementing some new code server side to improve our ability to target attackers using dynamic IPs and proxies..

We've come up with some new processes that will help us moderate the situation without the need for wide ranging ISP bans in the future..

When we take that new code live in a few days we will lift ALL old bans and start fresh..

But be forewarned proxy tards and obsessive compulsive modem resetters the new ban methods will be able to track you down and ban you permanently now without banning anyone else on your ISP...

So don't be fucking around bitches cause it's going to suck for you if you do..

Bad luck for those whose computer is hijacked and misused by malicious web-bots that launch DDoS Distributed Denial of Service attacks in the background while the badlucks surf without knowing anything about it.

One may easily come into the crosshairs of so-called Security Agencies.

The other side of the issue:

Frequently changing 'dynamic' IPs (unique physical internet user addresses)
and Proxy Routers (trying to hide your unique physical internet user address) are methods to protect your computer from being misused for
DDoS attacks and are methods to protect your machine from being pinpointed.

Be glad if your Internet Service Provider offers you a 'dynamic IP' and allows you to go through 'proxy servers' but look out, if one of the proxy servers is a tarpit or honey pot set up by special agencies sorts of 'Internet Defense Force' then be assured that all your traffic can/may be stored and linked to your unique personal identity.

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