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I hadn't read David Wilcock's information, but if China is now the 5th largest holder of Gold in the World and is STILL buying U.S. Debt (Bonds) as well as more & more Gold? then it would seem that some pressure was laid to bear on China to "do something" to keep the U.S. & the global economy afloat.  I know nothing about Economics -- just thinking a little here...Undecided China's not stupid, they knew they were going to have to cover their losses to maintain their economic standing in the world.  Also reports of Chinese buying up Real Estate in California, you have to Wonder...Seems to me that the Best & Easiest Way for one country to take over another country is to buy up their Debt backed by Collateral and then pay off that Debt if necessary -- with Gold -- and I think that's what the Chinese are doing.  If the U.S. Government doesn't hold up to its end of the deal, then the Chinese may force the issue in any way they deem necessary.  I don't worry so much about the Chinese bombing the U.S. West Coast because they want that land and I've read they want the land all the way East to the Rocky Mountains.

On the surface China & Russia appear to be Allies and I think BOTH together are being pitted (by another party) against the U.S.  Then on another level, I think that same other party is also secretly pitting Russia & China against each other.  In the end, the NWO only needs ONE very strong Military.  Its mouth says, "Peace", but it always wages peace through WAR.

I also believe there are advanced technologies to clean up the environment, but I also believe they're 'on hold' until TPTB's eugenics/depopulation program is completed & their black-ops technologies are shut down or destroyed.

Not sure about that Chinese "kill shot" -- Interesting.

If people settle for a "truth & reconciliation" slap-on-the-wrist kangaroo court solution for the Trilateralists, the Bilderbergs, the CFR, et al., then TPTB will have truly WON & we will prove we're the Fools they've always pegged us to be.

I really don't trust ET info.  I believe the ETs are REAL, I just don't trust 'em.

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STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA... *LINK*
Re: STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA...
I guess if there were any attacks by China, they would hit the West Coast. That would be my guess. *NM*
David Wilcock's info from his blog ..about the chinese plan
thanks for sharing your paid source, interesting you mention the Art of War by Sun Tzu, trying to refind a summary I read once *NM*
Excellent Analysis IMO! btw Your OWN conceptions, results and conclusions of internet source sifting, are much better than special 'brew propaganda IMHO ya ya :D
Rightful question, why does 'scarletwhore' fearmonger to drive people out of the West Coast cities, and it's not the first appeal, others cried before, but why?
scarletwhore.com - what a 'whorrible' site, blaming China & Russia to lead global terrorism. Accuracy & truth not their job, scarletwhore lists Central America as 'country', how whorribly ignorant!
it was Len H. not David H. *NM*
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