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AMAZING. Now THIS I Love, as it "resounds" true! Here's some info and where you can see/meet this amazing person *LINK*


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Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother"
Will be joining the faculty of the


2013 DAY 1
Great Rethinking
Conference + Tour
1-8 July 2011
2013 DAY 1
Prophets Conference
25 Feb–1 Mar 2011
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2013 DAY 1
Ancient Prophecies and Teaching for the Coming Age

With Shaman and Wisdom Keeper
Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)

In these presentations, shaman and Wisdom Keeper Little Grandmother will share with the group keys to shifting individual awareness and living from the heart for the coming times—based on teachings given to her directly by the ancestors, indigenous elders, and Mother Earth. Remembering who we are as the “Great I AM,” as co-creators of our reality able to dramatically affect earth consciousness through Love, is the key. The shift into living from the heart will be characterized by a return to deep intimacy with Mother Earth as a living being and spirit, sacred to all life in the universe. Little Grandmother will share about her own extraordinary journey, from being a young girl living in a rural religious farming community to being recognized as a shaman by her mother’s tribe at age 30. She will tell about the important crystal ceremonies she has been asked to perform in special places on the earth at this time to connect earth’s energy ley lines, in preparation for the changes happening and due to happen on Earth in the coming years. By remembering the ancient cosmic truths we have forgotten, we can transform our world and ensure that human beings shift into a higher dimension of being, along with Mother Earth. Participants will practice working with earth energy, and learn techniques to help them shift into heart consciousness—which is the central task being asked of humanity at this time.

2013: DAY 1

1-8 JULY 2011

Christine Page · Daniel Pinchbeck · David Carson · Flordemayo
Freddy Silva · Geoff Stray · Graham Hancock · Satish Kumar · Little Grandmother
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Will 2013 DAY 1 be the beginning of a new higher planetary vibration creating an opening into unity consciousness? Will this be the time when we step beyond the old ways of being humans on Earth and begin to throw off the limits imposed by dogma and doctrine? What do the shaman and ancients teach us about this time? How do we take our place as agents of the vibrational shift? Do you want to step beyond the madness and join the growing tribe waking up to love, understanding, care, and compassion?

You’re invited to join the tribe coming together in the sacred setting of Glastonbury, England 2013 DAY 1 – THE GREAT RETHINKING organized by The Prophets Conference at the Glastonbury Town Hall and at the ancient sites in south England.

2013: DAY 1
The Prophets Conference Palm Springs

25 February - 1 March 2011

Alberto Villoldo · Andrew Harvey · Barbara Marx Hubbard · Daniel Pinchbeck · Flordemayo · Freddy Silva · Geoff Stray · James Gilliland · Little Grandmother
and many new and old kindred spirits.
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Since 2012 is the opening to a changed Earth, 2013 is the tribe coming together on the other side in a new universe, a new vibration.

Bringing together researchers, visionaries, and indigenous perspectives, The Prophets Conference Palm Springs 2013: Day 1 will be a combination of conference presentations, social gatherings, ceremony, exhibition, and indepth experiential workshops with like minded individuals that will help us navigate this critical time we are in and imagine the world we want to see manifest.

For more information email: Event Info

Lilipoh ~ the spirit in life
HopeDance - Celebrating Transition, Opportunity & Resilience

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MUST SEE! All 3 parts: Little Grandmother in Zurich with Q&A *LINK* *PIC*
AMAZING. Now THIS I Love, as it "resounds" true! Here's some info and where you can see/meet this amazing person *LINK*
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