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The UN -- Bringing War, Terror, Starvation, Disease & Genocide to the World for Over 65 Years. WE Founded It, Fund It & Bear Responsibility For It Because It Sits On OUR Soil... *PIC*

We don't water the 'Tree of Liberty' with Americans' spilled blood, we water a Trojan Horse and the only Tree left standing in THIS Masonic 'Garden of Eden' is a Parasitic Thornbush.

The U.S. Government & Pentagon Serve the United Nations -- NOT the American People.  A Few Facts About The UN & Some of The UN’s More Recent Activities...

The United Nations -- A One World Government

UN Local Agenda 21 -- The Smoking Cannon

Obama Surrenders American Sovereignty To The UN

After A Year of Setbacks, UN Looks To Take Charge Of World's Agenda

Many Managers In The UN Have Local Girlfriends


UN Dollar To Replace U.S. Dollar?

Growing Protests As UN Attacks Haitian Refugee Camp  

Roots Of The UN & Rockefeller Scheming

UN Agency Calls For Global Cyberwarfare Treaty, ‘Driver’s License’ For Web Users

Aid Piling Up At UN's 'Cold Beer' Compound As Red Tape Keeps Aid From Desperate Haitians – While UN Staff Have Wi-Fi & A Bar

UN Wrongly Linked Global Warming To Natural Disasters

UN Cuts Back On Investigating Itself For Fraud, Crime & Corruption


UN Food Summit 'Fails Before It Begins'

UN Says New Currency Is Needed To Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’

Who Will Investigate The UN?

Report: UN Spent U.S. Funds On Shoddy Projects

UN To Emerge As Global IRS

"Global Bondage: The UN Plan To Rule The World"

UN = One (World Government)



UN & One World Government -- Joan Veon


UNITED NATIONS – Wikipedia (Interesting who controls ALL Agriculture & Food)


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