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David Wilcock's info from his blog ..about the chinese plan

Gotcha, Thank you. I am hoping the chinese are just trying to stop the NWO...did you see the David Wilcock info...






Other wonderful events that may have nothing to do with Obama have apparently just happened.


According to very good sources I am in contact with, as of October 14-15th, there was a stunning new move made by China, on a full-scale international level, involving the governments of every country in the world. 


This move sent terrified US and European leaders and insiders rushing over to Shanghai, begging the Chinese not to continue down this road.


However, China's plan appears to have been incredibly well-designed, with all the classic elements of Sun-Tzu's "Art of War."


It appears that it is now too late for this plan to be stopped.


China has just made it's "kill-shot" move, and they may well have saved the world by doing so.


Apparently no one has been killed in this process, but when I correlate what I'm hearing with what Fulford has said, it does appear that China will push for an international truth tribunal -- though they will apparently not be seeking the death penalty.





More importantly, by breaking down the corruption of the international financial system, China and her BRIC allies (Brazil, Russia, India, China -- also Argentina and others) can take a leading role in restoring prosperity on this planet.


The saddest thing, which I have heard from many top insiders, is that we already have the capability to desalinate ocean water, green the deserts, eliminate poverty, homelessness, hunger, disease and sickness -- and give everyone a significantly improved lifestyle.


Contrary to the widely-held insider belief that doing this would create a massive "population bomb" that would destroy the planet, the real-world data shows that population growth significantly decreases once people are allowed to develop. 


They can even reach zero population growth, as in Japan. These cultures no longer need to have multiple children to ensure their own survival.


Teleportation, time travel, gravity shielding, free energy, matter synthesis, near-instant healing, earthquake and volcano alleviation, stabilizing the Earth's axis -- all this and more is already within our grasp.


The reason why the elite have refused to let these technologies emerge is they fear everyone would become a couch potato -- and their control over this planet would be forever lost.


Nonetheless, it is clear that any attempts to throw off China's plan will be met with significant lethal force.





You may remember hearing that in 2009, the top insider bankers in the US had to pay China in gold bars for their own bad debts, as an aftermath of the financial fallout from 2008 -- where many derivatives funds like Lehman Brothers spontaneously imploded.


This collapse, according to Fulford, was China's doing: "Why should we be paying you to kill us?"


Once the devastated bankers were finally forced to pay up, after a prolonged period of hemming and hawing, China drilled into the "Good Delivery" bars.


They were made of tungsten, with only a thin layer of gold electroplated on the outside! Completely fake!


This appears to have been when China's plan really kicked into high gear -- but it took some time to develop.





According to Fulford, the international fiscal year ends as of September 30th. This year, the big players covertly running the US and other countries were again unable to pay their debts.


This was the final event that apparently led to the implementation of China's plan.


Fulford has been alluding to something like this in the works from China for some time now.


As others may also have felt, it has been almost exasperating to read his paid blog and hear him tease about something big that China was doing, over and over again -- but then not say what it was, because it was important that he not screw it up or stop it from happening.


With all the reports I'm hearing, I am almost certain that this is what he was talking about -- and they just flipped the switch.


I apologize. I am not stupid. I am definitely not going to get specific, as I do not want to thwart this effort.


However, from what I have heard, the plan was so well-executed I highly doubt there is much that could stop it at this point.


If it works as intended, there should be a time where it can be discussed openly and in detail.





The black-ops community is now literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Everyone is telling me the same thing.


It's become chaos. Factions are breaking up. Former allies are now enemies. Former enemies are now friends. Single factions are now fragmenting into multiple, opposing elements.


Fulford has been saying for some time that "One Million Satanists," i.e. members of the Luciferian Illuminati, are seeking amnesty and refuge in various countries -- but no one is willing to shelter them. This also seems centrally related to what I am hearing.


The public summary of Fulford's paid blog from last Sunday -- October 18th -- reads as follows (emphasis added):


"The royal families of the West and the secret Illuminati royalty are planning an emergency summit meeting in Vienna, Austria, next month in order to come up with a strategy to save their plan for a New World Order fascist world government, according to a senior CIA source and a member of the Rothschild family.


The summit is being called because a global police and intelligence operation is closing in on their leadership with multiple investigations on many levels.


It is hard to see how the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission and their secret rulers are going to escape these probes unless they agree to surrender and promise to appear before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee."





I am also told that certain human ET groups are working behind the scenes, here on the ground, to help ensure various plans succeed. This may include China's plan, though there are others going on as well for similar purposes.


We may never publicly know the details of the ETs' involvement in all of this, unfortunately -- at least not in the beginning.





It's all happening so fast that any estimate about what may occur, or when, is pointless right now -- so I'm not even going to try to pinpoint anything.


Suffice it to say I've been so excited by these new developments, and there is so much to keep up with, that I am only just now able to find the time and energy to write a little about it.


On an intuitive, psychological and physical level, I have been going through massive, massive initiation -- some of it quite unpleasant -- which all appears to be a last-minute dash to get me ready for these changes.


It appears many other people are going through similar processes.


Various insiders, now realizing things are suddenly getting a lot safer as their handlers go into total chaos, are telling me lots of new things I never heard before -- so there is a veritable banquet of new information.






Suffice it to say I'm really, really glad this is happening right now. It appears to be a massive demonstration of synchronicity on a worldwide scale, which is how the high-level 'Management' ETs I've often written about like to work.


If events like this move from China had not happened, the plans being made from the New World Order / Illuminati factions would have reached critical mass between November and the end of January, with ripples extending through until March.


This would have involved a massive financial meltdown.


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Re: STRANGER THAN FICTION: Report of Recent Events Involving the U.S., CANADA & Possibly CHINA...
I guess if there were any attacks by China, they would hit the West Coast. That would be my guess. *NM*
David Wilcock's info from his blog ..about the chinese plan
thanks for sharing your paid source, interesting you mention the Art of War by Sun Tzu, trying to refind a summary I read once *NM*
Excellent Analysis IMO! btw Your OWN conceptions, results and conclusions of internet source sifting, are much better than special 'brew propaganda IMHO ya ya :D
Rightful question, why does 'scarletwhore' fearmonger to drive people out of the West Coast cities, and it's not the first appeal, others cried before, but why?
scarletwhore.com - what a 'whorrible' site, blaming China & Russia to lead global terrorism. Accuracy & truth not their job, scarletwhore lists Central America as 'country', how whorribly ignorant!
it was Len H. not David H. *NM*
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