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MY CAUSE! And what funnnn toooo...

I have not written much of late! But now I feel compelled to write about this...

If it works quickly, or over time, it has the possibility of working on several levels by empowering every person! Remarkably, it requires no real energy, relatively no time, and perhaps little or no cost; less than a cup of coffee. BUT IT HAS POWERFUL IMPLICATIONS & POTENTIALITIES!

Millions of people all over the world, are converging on simple ideas - two brilliant causes (movements), methods to radically change the world. Both interesting and fun! Yes, fun! EASY AND FUN! And so damn simple!

In Europe, there is a movement to have a bank run on December 7. Everyone, on that day, is going to their banks and asking for physical delivery of their money. Which the banks have probably leveraged out, many times over. THIS IS A HUGE AND GROWING MOVEMENT IN EUROPE! The money can be put back the next day, if you want, or if you can't find a better use for it, but the point will have very far reaching impacts and perhaps show how easy it is to bring down banks, or make them hurt and cripple them.

There is also another movement, at this time, to buy silver. Just one silver coin, of any value!

Everyone can buy a SILVER COIN, and CRASH JP MORGAN! One of the biggest financial terrorist firms on Wall Street! They have sold more than the world supply of silver (10 times over or more by estimates). They are short silver! BIG TIME!! Like fiat money, they leverage deposits 10 to one, but in some cases, on real assets, they leverage out 100 to one or more! Can you imagine! After you place something of value into a bank, in trust, like a gold coin, they proceed to sell that gold coin (without your knowledge) 10 times over. Or more! Imagine the commissions they must make! Don't you wish you had the right to sell 10 to 100 times more of something (anything) that exists on the planet. They sell more assets than exist on the planet. They loan out more dollars than exist on the planet! What a deal! And we pay for their mistakes! They keep all the profits!

If America had 100 trillion dollars, it might have 100 trillion dollars worth of buying power! But, a 100 trillion dollars to a bank would give it the equivalent leveraging, buying, loaning and shorting power of 10 to 100 times that. It's realistic to assume, the banks represent 10 to 100 times the total world's money supply. To put this into perspective, imagine the buying and leveraging power of even the smallest of the top 16 most powerful banks. Put America in such context, and America becomes almost trivial. Why? Because banks can leverage what they don't own multiple times!

BOTH OF THESE MOVEMENTS have real potential!

What's great, EVERYONE can get involved! Even the poor among us, are capable of contributing to this movement. Everyone will probably grow from, have hope in, and became more aware as a result of, these simple ideas! People would no longer feel impotent (or fearful) that there is no way to stop the criminals on Wall Street or in government! We can all do something about it. Right Now!

I am amazed by the simplicity, audacity and magic in these two movements. And so I joined the cause! Interestingly enough, It's making me money, but I'm not doing it for the money! I believe...

By Doug

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MY CAUSE! And what funnnn toooo...
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