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Note to all diabetics: unless it is absolutely necesaaary that you get on a plane, DON'T!!

Save yourself the hassel and don't be victim to these TSA PUKES that think they are GOD and can confiscate your medical supplies. You have not a ground to stand on, which is why an airport has not even seen the back side of my ass in years. They were awful then, and I can't imagine what they are like now. I'd rather walk.

Also never subject the insulin to any radiation whatsoever which includes ALL X-ray devices!!!! I don't care what the medical authorities say on this one!

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TSA to Traveler: "Next Time, Leave Your Insulin Pump at Home?" *LINK*
TSA: Travelers Who Refuse Scanning Can’t Leave, Will Be Fined *LINK* *PIC*
Pretty soon there will be disgruntled travellers waiting outside in some dark alley for these TSA employees after they get off their shift. (Don't look at me ~ I don't travel but in my dreams!) *NM*
Life is too delicate!
corrected links that were not working yesterday ....
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